Police tried to arrest HealthPlus MD in court (photo)

Police tried to arrest HealthPlus MD in court (photo)

A judge lashed out at police after they went against his order in an attempt to arrest HealthPlus MD.

As it became known, the incident took place on Wednesday in the Federal High Court of Lagos.

A judge warned the parties not to show contempt of court after police attempted to arrest George, the beleaguered CEO of HealthPlus Ltd., in the Bucca courtroom. Ms George is a plaintiff in a lawsuit involving HealthPlus Ltd, HealthPlus Africa Holdings Ltd, Dr Ayo Salami, Ms Afsane Jeta, Mr Zahari Fund and Mr Deji Akinyanju.

The alleged attempted arrest came after Judge Oluremi Oguntoinbo had already postponed the trial until November 16 to decide who should represent the first accused. The judge also appointed November 27 to hear the case on the merits, with the absence of parties.

George and his attorney, Chief Bolagi Iorinde SAN, who had already left the room, ran back. They informed the judge that the police were not present and tried to arrest George, contrary to previous obligations of the defense. According to them, the lawyer Olusei Opasanya SAN promised not to take such steps, adding that he has a duty to the court and to his clients.

By ruling on Ayorinde’s request for judicial protection, Judge Oguntoinbo ordered the parties to maintain the status quo. The judge said: “I listened to Nigeria’s chief prosecutor, Bolaji Ayorinde, who learned that despite the defendant’s promise, the police still tried to arrest Pintiff.

“The court will not fold its arms and allow anarchy in the lawsuit it is considering.” No one should take any steps that could undermine this court decision. If someone does it, it will be contempt of court. ”

In a flagged lawsuit, FHC / L / CS / 609/2020]George is attempting to reverse his CEO ouster announced by the HealthPlus Limited Council on September 25, 2020. The company announced a change of leadership from Chidi Okoro, who is merging as director of transformation.

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