Politicization ends ARS protest irresponsible – APC warns PDP

Politicization ends ARS protest irresponsible – APC warns PDP

The all-progressive party, APC, has warned attackers to be wary of the hijackers so as not to distract attention in the ongoing #EndSARS protest.

Young people took to the streets on Thursday 8 October 2020 to protest in all states of the country against intimidation and harassment by the Special Anti-Robbery Unit, SARS and the Nigeria Police Force.

In a statement released by the Honorable Secretary of State. Seye Oladejo’s party has warned the opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party, the NDP, to avoid protests and not disguise themselves in order to cause chaos in the October by-elections in the eastern senatorial district of Lagos.

The statement says:

Our attention was drawn to the senseless and irresponsible politicization of the nationwide #ENDSARS protest by the opposition of the NDP.

Recall that the government of Lagos from the very beginning of the protest march in different parts of the state was for. The Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwulu, and his deputy took turns addressing the demonstrators, identifying with the issues at stake and reassuring the sympathy of the state government.

The Governor, keeping his promise, presented conditions for resolving the crisis to President Mohammad Bukhari in Abuja.

In addition, the state government secured the release of all arrested protesters.

It is noteworthy that the most important duty of any decent government is to protect the life and property of citizens, as guaranteed by the 1999 constitution.

The #ENDSARS protest seeks to ensure that this provision is respected in the context of the fundamental human right to life and dignity of citizens. As a party, we are all concerned about the continuing incidence of police brutality that goes largely unnoticed. There is no doubt that no one is immune from the illegality of a police force trained and backed by taxpayer money.

However, the recent turn of events during today’s protest is causing serious concern. The attack by the thugs on the peaceful and armless demonstrators was tasteless.

The social media attempt, sponsored by the NDP opposition, to hold the state government to account is nothing short of the height of hard politics.

However, our investigation has shown that the NDP would like to take advantage of the wave of protests to cause chaos in the October by-elections in the East Lagos Senatorial District.

Our secret services have revealed plans for further attacks on protesters, especially in the local government of Kosof in the coming days.

As the ruling party, we are aware of our supportive role in government, especially with regard to citizens’ rights and the fulfillment of our campaign promises.

We want to call on law enforcement agencies to respect their responsibility to protect the citizens of the state from any unfavorable development of events that could disrupt our peaceful coexistence.

For the same reason, the opposition party would be well advised to return to the troubled campaign that will make the politician healthy.

Seye Oladejo

Lagos APC spokesperson

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