Popular Nigerian pastor accused of sexually harassing teenagers

Popular Nigerian pastor accused of sexually harassing teenagers

Timi Adigun, a Nigerian pastor of Ark Church, a religious center in Lagos who is also the coordinator of the MINE teen ministry, has been accused of sexual harassment.

Mr. Adigun, 35, is also the editor of MINE Magazine, a free Christian teen magazine that advocates sexual purity.

On Thursday, several reports appeared on the Internet in which Mr. Adigun was accused of having sex with teenage girls under his direction and care.

Akan Imoh, a public relations specialist who lives near a church in Lagos, said he confirmed the allegations after investigating with two other reporters.

In a Facebook post that went viral, he also stated that Mr. Adigun didn’t care about their findings.

“So when I started hearing voices, I took steps to investigate. I had meetings with some of the top leaders of the ministry. I joined two other journalists and we investigated this issue. We spoke to everyone who mattered, even former pastors. Everyone confirmed this story. They even urged us to continue publishing. We’ve also created a Google Form for ex-members to voice their concerns. You should see anger in this form.

“It’s very annoying that this person doesn’t seem to care. He just wants to move on. Last time I heard that he started another church / ministry. Something called Love Refuge. The Ministry of Teenagers MINE was closed without any explanation, and the church was also closed.

“You just need to confuse teenagers. There’s too much anger in the streets. These guys hit me on the DM and I wasn’t even a leader or a member of the ministry. They are confused and angry. Imagine, you told these guys guys shouldn’t have sex until they got married, but then you secretly had sex with them, ”wrote Mr. Imoh.

Commenting on the level of trust in Mr. Adigun, Mr. Imoh recalled a scenario that happened when he was still the leader of another teenage church.

Mr. Imo said that he and another teen leader went to visit the mother of the girl they tried to take to church, but she reacted coldly.

“Mom looked at us and shook her head, saying that we are children and she cannot leave her daughter with us. He asked us if we had heard of Timi Adigun and MINE Teens Ministry. This is the only church to which he can allow his daughter. Well, we brought our legs and drove off. Because he was right. We were just young guys. Who would like to leave their daughters with us. But look where it went. A place that parents trusted. “

However, he called the priest, asking for an explanation and for the intervention of the leaders of the Christian community.

“If it’s true. This is what we want: – Confession of guilt – Community steps for change – Therapy / counseling for girls involved – Church leadership exercise, ”Imoh said.

Several Nigerians also demanded that Adigun respond to the charges.

“We ask very simply. We want Timi Adigun to come out and explain. He cannot be silent. To be honest, if you know how much respect I have for him, ehn. I so want to forgive him. I’m not even the main participant. Now imagine those who are his followers of Gangana. All we want is to explain to you. Is it true or not? Why was the church closed? “

Reporter Omon Okhuyevbi said she found that Mr. Adigun had “consensual” sex with teenagers and women in church.

“A popular youth / youth ministry (MINE) known for its Sexual Purity / World Virginity Day, I discovered that the pastor had consensual sex with teenagers and women in church. Different girls, not just one or! Wahala! “

“It is such a level of pride and courage to still plan to lead another church for me. For what? To hurt them again? Pastor Timilekhin Adigun has persecuted so many girls in his ministry and church over the past 5 years – many even say it was over 5 years, ”business coach Abayomi Adeola tweeted.

Instead of responding to the allegations, Mr. Adigun, through his wife Titi Adigun, canceled some programs and suspended the Ministry of Juvenile Affairs MINE indefinitely.

“As you already understood, there is a lot going on in this ministry right now. Pastor Timi and I apologize for everything that has been said and done wrong. Please forgive us. Accordingly, The MINE Nation has been temporarily suspended indefinitely. Worship Fiesta 2020 is canceled. MEET 2020 is canceled. The Church of the Ark will hold its last service on Sunday, ”he wrote on the church platform WhatsApp using his number confirmed by PREMIUM TIMES.

The phones of Mr. Adigun and his wife have been unavailable since Thursday afternoon, when our reporter tried these phone numbers repeatedly.

A close associate of Mr. Adigun, who asked not to be named, said he changed his famous number when the allegations went public.

“He changed his number when this sexual harassment case started,” the source said.

Church reacts

In a thread posted through her Twitter account, MINE Teenage Ministry confirmed the allegations against their coordinator.

“He’s a sexual predator. Even before he was discovered, he had just started the Father of Me series, in which he urged people to submit to fatherhood, including persecuting those who lived with him for more than 5 years, ”the organization wrote, but later deleted the tweet.

In subsequent tweets, which were not deleted, the group reported that Mr. Adigun’s defense, when asked, was that girls liked the action too, and no one likes girls as much as he does.

When asked to take a break, the organization said that he noted that he had been doing it for years and no one knew, so why should he stop preaching now that people are still being saved, despite his actions!

“Together with his wife, Timilekhin Adigun instead took to Instagram to pay tribute and create a positive image of himself, even a month after the story broke out due to numerous excesses,” the church wrote.

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