Popular Nigerian rapper Biglo Is Dead

Popular Nigerian rapper Biglo Is Dead

Nigerian rapper Biglo is dead.

He died on Christmas day after battling kidney disease.

His colleague and friend, jazzman Olofin, confirmed his death to Panch.

Olofin said, “It is true that Biglo is dead. As far as I know, he was ill for some time. He battled kidney disease. For a while, he notified the public through his social media account.

“Last night our mutual friends from America called me and said that he died on Friday, Christmas. Unfortunately, I don’t know how old he was. “

Before his death, the veteran rapper publicly announced his kidney disease in 2018.

He opened the Gofundme page, where he collected public funds. Since he was found, he said he had been on dialysis three times a week.

Biglo described how his life has turned upside down since he was diagnosed with kidney failure; he lost his job, his car and even his home due to poor health. He asked everyone to help him pay all his bills and get a kidney transplant in India.

The rap artist was known in the early 2000s for his collaboration with 2shotz and StylPlus.

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