Power Aspirants Move South due to Security Threats in the North – CNG

Power Aspirants Move South due to Security Threats in the North – CNG

Members of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) attributed the country’s security concerns to what they called “desperate political power seekers from the south.”

The group also sensed a weakness in the federal government’s willingness to tackle insecure instigators, especially from northerners in their region and other parts of the country.

This was announced on Thursday at a press conference in Abuja by the official representative of the CNG Abdul-Aziz Suleiman.

The group did not provide specific details on how southern politicians provoked the security challenges, but argued that the North was not aware of their project and would not yield to any form of threat of a change of power.

Therefore, Suleiman said that the North’s response to the situation was not wanting to remain at the center of any attempts to forcefully transfer power by undermining its unity or agitating for the violent disintegration of the country.

A CNG spokesman said: “We see an alarming rise in political militancy by a desperately selfish segment of political leaders who believe that the only way to gain the presidency is to threaten other parts of the country and, in particular, to take goals in general. profitability of northern Nigeria.

“The general and pervasive insecurity experienced by northerners in the north and other parts of the country, manifested in the deliberate profiling and systematic exclusion of, in particular, the Hausa / Fulani ethnic group, is, in fact, a conspiracy of unscrupulous politicians to forcibly transfer power. by any means and tactics.

“Indiscriminate attacks on northern countries, which have resulted in countless deaths and displaced persons, have become symptoms of unrest on the southern plank, exacerbated by political opportunism and government corruption in the pursuit of the presidential ambitions of southern political interests and their accomplices by 2023. workers.

“The resurgence of an ongoing antagonism against the North is also part of a broader agenda of increasing instability and making the country virtually unmanageable, and establishing anarchy as a strategy used to achieve results that the coups of the First Republic failed to achieve. understand.

“This is compounded by the federal government’s inability to decisively tackle the perpetrators of these heinous acts of ethnic cleansing, leaving the only conclusion that the authorities have lost the political will and some of the courage necessary to ensure that the fundamental rights of all are respected. Citizens live and prosper everywhere without discrimination or harassment.

“Maintaining a shared insecurity across the country with the targeted devastation of northern Nigeria is a continuation of the southern agenda, rooted in our history, and has been actively pursued since the beginning of the Boko Haram uprising more than a decade ago.

“We call on the desperate political power seekers in the south, who believe their only way to get the presidency in 2023 or in the future is to sow trouble and hatred against other parts of the country, to point out that their actions will not do any good. go unnoticed, and no part of the country will fall prey to any threat of power change.

“All those self-styled enemies of the North who have no other useful vocation other than attacking the northerners and their possessions under the slightest pretext should know that the North does not ignore their project and will no longer remain passive in the face of such deliberate and protracted attacks and unreasonable provocations.

“We applaud the decency, decency, morality, accommodation, politeness and etiquette demonstrated by the northerners, whose refusal to pressure to respond to an attack clearly justifies the South as an unstable and violent part of the country.

“We call the attention of all northerners to point out that the driving forces behind the ongoing turmoil and unrest in the North and elsewhere are merely political upheavals that seek to force a transfer of power by destroying the unity of the North.

“The North is thus fast enough to anticipate and prepare for a match with the continuing maneuvering of ambitious politicians like Bola Tinubu and his people, who will stop at nothing in their quest for power.

“Therefore, we advise the North to increase its vigilance to avoid the pitfalls set by politicians of this type, who are determined to use their internal conspirators and money to gain political power, even while in the agony of the innocent.”

The CNG also noted that those who are working against the proposed commitment to a peaceful resolution of security problems by identifying Sheikh Ahmed Gumi in the attacks are those who have benefited from the conflicts.

He added: “We directly agree with Sheikh Ahmed Gumi’s position on constructive engagement, the possibility of amnesty that leads to reorientation, reintegration and re-assimilation of those who maintain peace within a reasonable time frame, after which an appeal can be filed to crush the disobedient.

“In this regard, we urge the Sheikh and his team not to be distracted by the forces of destabilization inside and outside the North, as we call for expanding the framework for negotiations with the participation of all interested northern governors and other components. Important aspects of northern society to achieve final demobilization and disarmament.

“Successive governments have rushed to create structures such as OMPADEC, NDDC, Niger Delta Ministry, amnesty program, etc. It is aimed at solving a specific set of problems affecting certain communities in the south.

“Therefore, there is no excuse to resist or even hesitate to expand such special initiatives to meet the needs of pastors if they lead to lasting peace and stability.

The CNG also supported the decision of the United Alliance of Food and Livestock Traders of Nigeria (AUFCDN) to suspend further movement of goods south for attacks on northern countries, especially the southwest.

“We also firmly support the decision of the United Alliance of Nigeria’s Food and Livestock Traders to suspend further movement of goods south to lobby for compensation for losses incurred as a result of the attacks and to obtain a strong guarantee of security for the future. south, “said the KKE.

The group thanked the Northern Governors Forum, chaired by Governor Simon Bako Lalong, for the solidarity visit to alien northern communities, especially in Ibadan State in Oyo.

“We welcome the NGF’s insistence on reparations wherever the Nordic countries suffer losses due to the deliberate acts of perpetrators of crimes against them.

“In fulfilling the demand for compensation for victims of violence, we nevertheless insist that this is not enough without swift arrest and careful prosecution as perpetrators, instigators and sponsors of these heinous crimes,” Suleiman added.

Source: – Vanguard

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