President Bukhari calls on youth to end street protests and dialogue with government

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President Bukhari calls on youth to end street protests and dialogue with government

President Muhammadu Bukhari on Sunday in Abuja called on young Nigerians to end street protests and to engage in constructive discussions with the government aimed at global reforms to end all forms of police brutality against Nigerians.

The President delivered his message at the first celebration of National Youth Day, which is celebrated on November 1 and coincides with African Youth Day.

Amid recent protests against police brutality in the country that led to the dissolution of the Anti-Robbery Special Squad (SARS), President Bukhari, represented by FCT Minister Muhammad Bello, told the crowd that his administration had heard the requests of young Nigerians.

He added that the federal government “now wants to hear concrete and practical ideas” from young people, while recognizing their constitutional right to peaceful protest.

“You must understand that protests cannot last forever. My government will not raise a hand to stop you or suppress you.

“However, the bottom line is that other forces and actors will try to intercept your protests in order to redirect them in a way that you did not expect and may not agree.

“Every successful protest movement around the world understood that the time was coming when business had to move from the street to the negotiating table. This time has come for you. Don’t be afraid of this reality. You should welcome this.

“It is important that we all strive to use this moment constructively. Too many people have already sacrificed too much. It is our duty to use this fateful situation to move towards a more just and caring society.

“As a young man, you have a nation and a future to build. My government will always be your loyal partner in this important and patriotic endeavor, ”he said.

President Bukhari also took the opportunity to express his strong opposition to the illegal use and use of force against innocent and law-abiding people, especially young people.

“No one who obeys the law, whether in line for a taxi or in line for peaceful protests, should not be harassed or mistreated by law enforcement agencies.

“It is because of my continued belief in the constitutional rights of people that we quickly took steps to abolish SARS and consider other reforms that will improve the quality of law enforcement and improve the relationship between the police and the public, which is a prerequisite for a just society.

“Allowing protests is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of the strength and confidence in democracy and the innate goodness of our people.

“It also shows confidence in our government’s ability to work with people to find a sensible and practical solution to any problem,” he said.

Calling Nigerian youth as a driving force for social change, economic growth and sustainable development, President Bukhari said his administration has launched at least 25 initiatives to empower young people across the country.

He noted that these noble initiatives over the past five years have aimed to put young Nigerians on a path of career development, entrepreneurship, skills development and direct employment.

“Today we will unveil the official logo of the $ 75 billion Nigeria Youth Investment Fund for the 2020-2023 period.

“This new fund is designed to invest in the innovative ideas, skills and talents of young Nigerians, and to provide our young people with a dedicated window to access much-needed finance, business management skills and other key resources for sustainable businesses,” said it. confirmed.

The President announced that more than a million applications have already been submitted since the launch of the Youth Investment Fund portal on October 12, 2020.

He listed other youth initiatives consistent with his administration’s policy of positioning youth for strategic leadership in various fields, namely:

The birth of the Nigerian Youth Policy in 2019, the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund in July 2020, the Young Farmers Initiative, a Digital Skills, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Leadership / Mentoring (DEEL) program that recently received $ 4 billion in endorsement. naira for implementation and the Not Too Young to Run Act.

Other initiatives, the president said, include the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES), N-Power, SI and Disaster Management, the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Program (YES), the Graduate Internship Program (GIS), and the Youth Enterprise with innovation in Nigeria. (You won).

The president also added $ 20 million to the Young Innovator Technology Fund as one of the leading initiatives empowering young people across the country.

Reiterating his call for national unity, President Bukhari said young Nigerians are in a better position to spearhead the indivisibility of Nigeria and collectively overcome any challenges the nation faces.

“On this special occasion, we reaffirm our faith and faith in an indivisible entity called Nigeria and its future.

“We face many challenges, but in you this nation has a collective potential and a drive to overcome what lies ahead,” he said.

At the event “Investing in Youth, Protecting Our Future”, the winners of the Federal Ministry for Youth and Sports Development organized a 60-day application competition, and youth innovators were awarded and received cash prizes.

Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President
(Media and advertising)
November 1, 2020