Presidential Police Reform Team takes action, 5-point issue resolved

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Presidential Police Reform Team takes action, 5-point issue resolved

Following President Muhammad Bukhari’s directives to disband the Anti-Robbery Task Force and to respond immediately to citizens’ aspirations, Inspector General of Police Mohammad Adamu called a meeting with interested parties, agreeing to comply with the requests. which include ending the use of force against protesters and the unconditional release of arrested citizens.

The meeting, hosted by the Office of the Inspector General of Police and the National Human Rights Commission, was a multi-stakeholder forum attended by leaders and representatives of Nigeria’s civil society organizations and industry activists. entertainment and movement ENDSARS and development partner.

The meeting was also attended by the Ministry of Police Affairs and the Police Services Commission, which said that the five-point demands of the protesters and the ENDSARS movement are of serious concern and will be considered by the government.

The Assembly of Stakeholders statement on the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Robbery Task Force (SARS) Reform Group states:

“Following the public protests against various forms of human rights abuses by the Special Robbery Squad (SARS) and the subsequent dissolution of the unit by Police Inspector General Mohammad Adamu, it became necessary to engage with stakeholders to restore public confidence in law enforcement.

“The unrest has also highlighted the need to implement the recommendations of the President’s Special Anti-Rogue Squad (SARS) Reform Team.

“The General Police Inspector and the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission spoke at the forum.

“The Forum collectively: welcomed the dissolution of the Special Robbery Squad (SARS) by Police Inspector General Mohammed Adamu; Reaffirmed the constitutional rights of Nigerians to peaceful assembly and protest; He also reaffirmed the integrity of the life of every Nigerian and the role of the police in protecting this right; He says the five-point demands of the protesters and the ENDSARS movement are of serious concern and will be addressed by the government. ”

According to a statement signed by the Inspector General of Police and the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission, Tony Ojukwu, Esq., The Forum noted that the dissolution of SARS represents an opportunity to bring about global reforms aimed at redefining the position of power Nigerian police as a modern, operational, citizen-centered law enforcement organization …

“The Forum also notes that the proposed reforms should be based on the White Paper on the report of the Presidential Group on Reform of the Anti-Robbery Task Force, jointly prepared by the National Human Rights Commission, the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Nigerian Police.

The Forum states that the Nigeria Police Reform Proposals will be based on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and existing legislation such as the Nigeria Police Act 2020, Nigeria Police Trust Fund Act 2019, Criminal Justice Law Administration 2015. Anti-Torture Act 2017 and National Human Rights Commission Act 2010

“Following the dissolution of SARS, the Forum calls for the following immediate action to restore public confidence and trust in the police: an order from the Inspector General of Police to all state teams to stop using the police. force against demonstrators; Unconditional release of detained protesters and citizens; Open communication and citizen awareness to build trust and confidence, and a roadmap for implementing the White Paper of the Presidential Group on SARS Reform.

“The Forum welcomed the proposal to set up an independent investigation team to investigate human rights violations by the deceased SARS and other Nigerian police forces. The Forum agrees with the creation of this independent group by the National Human Rights Commission by next week. Within a week, the Commission will publish an open appeal of the memoranda from the public whose rights were violated by the late SARS and other parts of the police.

“The Forum recommends psychological assessment, training and retraining of dismissed SARS employees prior to re-employment. The Forum decides to establish the following technical subcommittees to develop a roadmap for implementation and a work plan for the implementation of the White Paper: training, skills and reorientation; Logistics: infrastructure, communications and technology; Arrest, detention and investigation; Regulation, control and accountability, financing and partnerships. “

The statement says the subcommittees will be supported by the National Human Rights Commission and other civil society organizations.

The meeting was attended by: Dr. Kole Shettima – Arthur MAK Foundation; Innokenty Chukvuma – Ford Foundation; Jude Ilo – from OSIWA; Shogun Avosanya (Segalinx) – The end of the Sars movement; Yemi Adamolekun: “Enough, enough”; Clement Nwankwo – PLAC; Rafsanjani-CHISLAK; Kemi Okonedo – PWAN; YZ – CITAD; Folarin Falana Falz; Professor Deji Adekunle – NIALS; Chris Ngwodo, SSA, President, Research and Policy Division; Dr. Fatima Waziri is the OVP’s Rule of Law Adviser and Abdulrahman Yakubu is the Secretariat of the NHRC.

Others: Hilary Ogbonna – Secretariat of the NHRC; Khalilu Adamu – Secretariat of the NHRC; Ben Agukh – Secretariat of the NHRC; Dr. Uju Agomuoh – RIGHTS and Onyinye Ndubuisi – UNDP.

Femi Adesina
Special Adviser to the President
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13 October 2020