Professor, who escaped from UNIUYO, convicted in court for electoral fraud after being arrested again (photo)

Professor, who escaped from UNIUYO, convicted in court for electoral fraud after being arrested again (photo)

The escaped Collection and Return Officer (CRO), Professor Ignatius Uduk, was arrested again and brought to trial. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Akwa Ibom State again arrested and accused the professor of announcing false results in the 2019 general election.

They say that prof. Uduk, who threatened legal action against INEC when asked to stand trial on electoral petitions set up for this purpose, received a court order before going to trial Wednesday in Uyo, the state capital. by Akwa Ibom.

On March 10, 2019, a professor at Uyo University (UNIUYO) was summoned with accusation no. HU / 240c / 2020, with three rejection heads and false evaluations on the CE, BE (II) form at the INEC office in Afaha Ikot Ebaq, headquarters of the Essien Udim local government district during the elections to the Editing Chamber; announcement and publication of false election results; and taking the oath before the court on electoral complaints.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges against him on three counts, while his lawyer Samuel Ndah asked the professor to release him on bail. However, INEC’s attorney, led by Kpubari Sigalo, who filed a counter-affidavit, argued that the defendant should not have been released on bail as he had proved evasive, adding that the court should have followed an expedited hearing.

“Last time we were before this noble court, and the court issued a warrant for the accused. I am very confident that he (the accused) applied for bail on the basis of a court order. “So, today he really came to court and granted his request, and his lawyer asked for bail. We actually opposed this request for bail. When we filed a counter-affidavit against bail, we saw in court that the case was adjourned on December 14 to decide on the same claim.

“The character of the accused actually prompted us to oppose his petition for bail. This is not the first problem we are dealing with. We did not object to asking the other for bail, because the defendant voluntarily appeared in court. “Before the last general election, the Commission stated very loudly and clearly that anyone who violates the electoral law of the 1999 Constitution and other electoral guidelines will be severely punished.” he declared.

The President of the Court, Distinguished Judge Archbishop Archibong, updated the case until December 14, 2020 to rule on the request for bail at the request of the defendant’s attorney.

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