Protesters mourn footballers killed by SARS and the army as #EndSARS protests continue (photos)

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Protesters mourn footballers killed by SARS and the army as #EndSARS protests continue (photos)

Nigerians protesters against police brutality remembered some Nigerian football players killed at the hands of law enforcement agencies.

They recalled how Tiamia Kazim, Nigeria’s National League team mate Remo Stars, was killed in a hit in a car after SARS agents pushed him out of a moving car in Sagama, Ogun State. in February.

Joseph Izu, the late Shooting Stars player, was also reportedly killed in cold blood by members of the Joint Military Task Force in Okaki, Ahoada, Rivers State in October 2016.

Those who commented on social media commented that the deceased footballers and many other Nigerians would be alive to fulfill their dreams if it weren’t for the security personnel, and called for an end to police brutality. “Not forgotten: SARS killed Remo Stars Asst. Captain Tiamia Kazim, JTF killed Shooting Stars player Joseph Izu, SAN, referee. Both are covered in official lies, but … we won’t forget, ”tweeted sports journalist Fred Edore. Akintola Akinfenwa added:

“It could have been you … Tiamiyu Kazim could have been another Kanu Nkwankwo, but he was killed by SARS.”

“21-year-old Tiamiyu Kazim played football for Remo’s stars. He has just been invited to play football in Sweden. SARS picked him despite showing his club ID. When asked where they were going, the SAR agent pushed him off the bus.

An oncoming car crushed him with #EndSARS “also tweeted @AfricStoryTell.” Our footballers are not excluded, former 3SC player Tony Ejomarigwe shared his experience !! Until now, the police shot Finidi’s Brother George in 1995 in Ibadan unknown, but Izu Joseph and Tiamia Kazim fell from an SARS bullet #SarsMustGoNow #EndSARS #ReformNigeriaPolice “,

Ogunmiloro Kenny tweeted. “Today I am reminded of Izu Joseph, the player of my favorite 3SC FC Ibadan. He went to his hometown to see his family and was killed by members of @PoliceNG. Nobody was held accountable. This is why we want #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria “, also tweeted @_UncleAbbey_. Many Nigerian athletes have been victims of police brutality, and one of the most famous early cases was the murder of the fourth American billionaire, Dele Udo. A police officer in Ohuelegba, Lagos, in June 1981 when he was on the field for that year. IAAF World Championships in Rome. On October 26, 2015, Police Corporal Joseph Amina shot and killed Beauty, the famous tennis player’s mother. Angel MacLeod in Lagos.

Based in the UAE, Beauty and Angel were in Nigeria after attending a tennis tournament in Ghana when she was assassinated by Aminu at the Emperor Guest Inn, a hotel in Balarab Musa Crescent, Victoria Island, after an altercation. In August 2019, a video went viral in which Enyimba striker Steven Chukvude was harassed by a police officer in Enugu for driving a Mercedes Benz.

The 24-year-old asked the policeman what more he wanted after he identified himself as a footballer. But the policeman insisted that every young man who owned a Mercedes Benz was a “yahoo boy” (con man). This happened before the policeman took the footballer’s phone, noticing that the phone had been removed.

The terrible accident drew public condemnation, which demanded the punishment of the policeman.