Putin began preparations to leave, but fears the fate of Gaddafi

The Kremlin is preparing for the departure of Russian President Vladimir Putin from power amid persistent rumors of a possible Parkinson’s disease.

Western media have picked up leaks from Moscow that Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s. Perhaps he really won’t be in Russian politics any time soon.

This is stated in the blog of the Russian Telegram channel “Kremlin Mamkovved”, which specializes in leaks from the Kremlin.

The channel drew attention to the fact that, in parallel with rumors about the disease, a bill was introduced to the State Duma on security guarantees for the ex-president and his family after resignation. According to the document, he cannot be prosecuted for crimes committed before, during and after the presidency.

“The bill is obviously aimed at preventing a situation, like in Kyrgyzstan – a forceful reprisal against the ex-head of state. Putin is terrified that events may begin to unfold according to the Kyrgyz scenario, “the Kremlin Mamkovologist believes. At the same time, according to some Kremlin insiders, Putin is actually afraid of the Libyan scenario with scrap iron in Gaddafi’s ass.

The Telegram channel notes that the bill “looks too specific and politically emotionally symptomatic.” It is obvious that the Kremlin is preparing for Putin’s departure from power.

We will remind that earlier the British tabloid The Sun announced that Putin would resign due to prolonged Parkinson’s disease, the signs of which have been visible for more than 5 years.

According to medical experts, Putin’s behavior shows that he is constantly suffering from pain. Also, some anonymous sources report that the alleged wife of Alina Kabaeva has been persuading Putin to leave his post for quite some time.

The conviction that Putin is indeed hopelessly ill appeared almost immediately after the State Duma adopted a draft law proposing immediately after Putin’s resignation to make him a senator for life in the Federation Council.

Meanwhile, according to a number of insider sources, early presidential elections may be held in Russia next spring. Now Putin is trying to decide on a successor. The names of Shoigu, Medvedev and Putin’s daughter Yekaterina, who are now busy with an important assignment from the bunker dwarf, are well known – to find a pill for death.

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