Rachel Buckam introduces herself as National Director of SDGS Network Ambassador to the UN

Rachel Buckam introduces herself as National Director of SDGS Network Ambassador to the UN

Most recently, the award-winning producer and TV personality, Ambassador for Peace, Tourism and Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Ambassador for Lifestyle Assets Hub Limited has been named National Director of the UN Ambassadors for the SDGS Network. He happily took his social media platforms to post this:

“Yaaaaay is official. My testimony as the Regional Representative of the Ambassador of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Network. Congratulations to me and other national directors around the world

Meet our national directors and new winners. Other names will be announced. Congratulations to them! Peace and progress!

1. Ambassador Professor Ripu Sinha – National Director of India
2. Ambassador Rana Naimi – Country Director of Lebanon
3. Ambassador Mattika Westgate – UK National Director.
4. Ambassador Dr. Nihal Magdi Refae – National Director of Egypt
5. Ambassador Anika Subah Ahmad – Country Director of Bangladesh
6. Ambassador Dr. Pedrito Marrero is Country Director of the United States of America.
7. Ambassador Professor Silvana Carnicero Sanguinetti – National Director of Argentina
8. Ambassador Rachel Bakam – National Director of Nigeria.
9. Ambassador Ankita Shetty – National Director of Australia
10. Ambassador Kyung Bai An – National Director of South Korea.
11. Ambassador Dr. Abdul Malik Hatian – National Director of Pakistan
12. Ambassador Ebenezer Essilfi-Nyame – National Director of Ghana
13. Ambassador Valerie Aristide Tiombiano – Country Director for Burkina Faso
14. Ambassador Dr. Yasmin Banyabdelrahman – National Director of Jordan
15. Ambassador Blanca Cano Salcedo – National Director of Paraguay
16. Ambassador Dr. Guinness Madasami – India
17. Ambassador Marie Onen Ibianang – Nigeria
18.Ambassador Leticia Centurion – Paraguay
19. Ambassador Sherin Ali – India
20. Ambassador Azuka Nvofor – Nigeria “

When we were approached to make a statement about this great event, Ambassador Rachel said, “This is a greater responsibility than I was given. I am very happy about it. As the Bible says: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” We intend to work with the team and the international president, who is fortunately based in Abuja, Professor Stephen Essien, to carry out large and scale projects for the benefit of humanity. “

Congratulations to the great ambassador. Continue to shine your light and make a positive impact on the world.

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