Rally against SARS: politicians and wealthy Nigerians gripped by fear of merciless robbery

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SARS protest: politicians and wealthy Nigerians gripped by fear of ruthless robbery

As the rampant destruction and looting of public and private property by thugs continues across the country, politicians, senior government officials and party leaders are reportedly racing en masse to avoid falling prey to an angry mob. took over the Daily Independent.

Our reporter found that some wealthy Nigerians are increasingly concerned about the growing lawlessness that is a direct consequence of the #ENDSARS protests.

The crisis that followed the anger that followed the shooting of some #EndSARS protesters at the Lecchi toll station in Lagos took on a daunting character as hungry and angry Nigerians began to shift their focus from state ownership to the wealth of the wealthy in their states.

One of the first victims of unrestricted robbery was Oba Rilwan Akiolu, Oba from Lagos.

Despite the presence of soldiers, the thugs ransacked the monarch’s palace, dismantled everything and left with his staff.

The monarch was also transported to safety by soldiers when the thugs tried to burn down the palace.

The angry mob then headed to the residence of Asivaju Bola Tinubu, national leader of the ruling All-Progressive Congress (APC), in Bourdillon, in the Ikoyi district of Lagos.

It was initially reported that Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos state, fled to France, but on Saturday he turned down the request during a visit to Governor Babajida Sanvo-Olu.

Other politicians who have suffered a similar fate have served as former federal legislators for Cross River State, including Senators Victor Ndoma-Egba and Gershom Bassey.

Senator Teslim Folarin, an MP representing the central senatorial district of Oyo, suffered huge losses when a large crowd of people broke into his residence in Ibadan and completely looted it.

The residence of Sanai Agunbiada, the majority leader in the Lagos State Assembly, was not spared as it was ransacked as thugs took his vital documents.

Our correspondent learned that attempts by some state governors to use the soldiers were in vain, as they were suppressed by an angry mob.

This development caused anguish among many politicians and wealthy Nigerians, because they seemed hopeless.

Many of them resorted to the help of thugs to protect their homes, while others resorted to the services of militia groups such as the Odua Peoples’ Congress (OPC), hunters and local vigilantes to protect their businesses and their homes.

Confirming what happened on Sunday, Iba Gani Adams, Aare Ona Kakanfo from Yorubaland, told Arise Television, which controls the Daily Independent, that he was under pressure from politicians and wealthy Nigerians seeking services. OPC members were huge.

Adams, who was the national coordinator of the OPC prior to his inauguration to Aare Ona Kakanfo, said he received calls from states outside Lagos, from politicians asking them to send OPC members to their homes for security reasons.

He said, “The pressure on me last week is tremendous; both domestically and internationally, and I tried to explain to them that there is a limit to what I can do about internal security challenges.

“Those who don’t know the importance of OPC would do it now, given what has happened over the past three days.

“Today I slept at 4 o’clock in the morning. In addition to communities that used OPC services to protect their environment, most of the police forces that were not burned, about 50 percent of them, were under the joint protection of the police and the OPC.

Community leaders who were previously unaware of the existence of the OPC sought support from OPC members when these thugs began looting.

“Even in states like Oyo, Ondo, Osun and others, some influential politicians started calling me for help last night because they fear attacks on their homes and businesses.

“I don’t even think that the number of OPC staff we have in the field can do what they asked us to do.”

Speaking about solutions to the crisis, chief executive Ebenezer Babatope, a former transport minister, said the best approach for the government is to reassure young Nigerians and talk to them about the need for peace.

Babatop, the leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), said the handover of President Muhammad Bukhari to the people further exacerbated the crisis rather than improving it.

“I think that everyone, not just the government, can make us ask for peace.

“We must urge all who create problems to abandon the world and accept the world. Our leaders must also ensure that everyone is fair.

“The President’s speech did not help the situation, but that does not mean that he cannot fix it and turn it into appeasement.

“We must calm these angry people in order to achieve unity. The situation at the moment is very frightening, and we must join hands so as not to worsen the situation in the country. “

Sharing the same view, Monday Wubani, former second vice president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), suggested that beyond the remorse of politicians, practical steps must also be taken to drastically cut huge wages. politicians and send money to the development of the nation.

“I think the statements that come from politicians will be of great importance. Now we need to hear the remorse of the politicians who ruined the lives of these young people. ”

“The government also needs to take concrete actions, primarily by cutting salaries for politicians. These children live in abundance, while most Nigerians find it difficult to eat a full meal a day.

“In light of this, you still show them wealth and arrogance in your actions. I believe that these amendments, requested by these young Nigerians, should be urgent.

“I don’t like this arrogant way of solving problems and then trying to hide the facts and blame those who peacefully protest,” he said.

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