Renegade Army soldier arrested for kidnapping and killing neighbor’s son

Renegade Army soldier arrested for kidnapping and killing neighbor’s son

The Nigerian military said the suspect, arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and killing his neighbor’s son in Kaduna, was a fired soldier.

The army’s statement, signed by Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, the army’s director of public affairs, said his attention was drawn to a video that went viral on social media claiming that a soldier, Corporal Adam Galadim, was involved in an alleged case of kidnapping and murder of his neighbor’s son after receiving a ransom in the amount of N5 million.

“The Nigerian military wants to claim that the information in the video is not true.”

“Contrary to claims, Corporal Adamu Galadima was duly dismissed by the Nigerian army in 2013 after he was convicted by the general court in Kaduna.”

“His last division was the 2nd Vice-Chancellor Group, where he was involved in an attempted murder case that led to his arrest and trial before the Marshal of the Kaduna Court.”

“After being fired, Adamu went to the State Environmental Service of Kaduna, where he got a job as a janitor.”

“So he is not a member of the Nigerian army like he was in April 2021 when he committed the alleged crime.”

“The Nigerian military remains a disciplined organization that will not tolerate the unprofessional behavior of its officers and soldiers.”

“Therefore, the general public is strongly encouraged to ignore the misleading story that is currently being posted on social media.”

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