Representatives can allow states to set minimum wages

Representatives can allow states to set minimum wages

The federal government may soon lose the exclusive right to negotiate and set minimum wages for workers at the three levels of government.

The House of Representatives is considering an amendment to the 1999 constitution by removing wage issues from the exclusive legislative list to a rival legislative list.

When the bill becomes law, the respective states and local governments will determine different wages for their workers.

The law is entitled “Bill to amend the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), inter alia, to remove the subject of the minimum wage prescription from the legislative exception set out in Part I”. a second annex to the parallel legislative list referred to in part II of the second annex to the Constitution; and related issues ”.

The bill, sponsored by the city of Garba Datti Muhammad, which is in second reading, seeks to force their governments to pay wages based on available resources.
Muhammad expressed the hope that the federal government, trade unions and governors would support this proposal. He said it was unfair to allow the federal government to set a single wage exclusively for all states, regardless of their individual economic capabilities.

Muhammad said: “Let each state pay according to what it has. But the work always looks at it from the point of view: “You want to weaken the organized Labor so that the government always has a say.” Each state union must negotiate with its state governments. “

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