Requests of your heart – part one

dear listeners, we continue to consider the Word of God. And today I offer you an interesting topic called ” Requests of your heart .” For the main text of our sermon, which will consist of two parts, let us take Psalm 37: 4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will fulfill the desire of your heart . Before I begin to present this sermon, I must give some clarifications to this verse. The word “be comforted  in the Russian translation is unfortunate. Instead, the original word stands for “deify” or “glorify.”

This means that we give God his due glory, give Him in our lives and our hearts the place that is due to Him. If in my life I put in the foreground: children, wife, work, car, etc., then this will fill my heart too.

Then, consciously and unconsciously, I will deify that which is dearer to me than my heart is full. All these things and concepts will become my idols, or rather, my god. Then the Lord cannot sit on the throne of my heart.

In my heart He will have a very humble place in the back rows. In this verse, the Holy Spirit calls us to deify the Lord, to turn to Him as our Creator, Savior and Mediator.

Because in Him is our life, joy, peace, hope, hope, consolation , etc. Now we see that comfort in the Lord is too narrow a concept. It is only a fraction of what we will have in Him if we take His proper place in our hearts.

What we have in Him, no one can take away from us, but the Lord wants to give us more! If we give Him the throne of our heart, then: ” He will fulfill the requests of your heart . ” Here we have the valuable and profound Word of the Lord.

May the Lord grant mercy so that we perceived what we have heard today so that what He wants to tell us in this verse will find its fulfillment in our hearts, since, ultimately, it concerns all of us.

The Lord achieved with us the goal that we became children of light and can enjoy the Lord (to deify Him). This fact is of great importance. This is a certain stage of sanctification (separation from the world) and dedication – this is the will of our Lord.

Every day people bring very, very many requests to the living God. He continuously, day and night, takes them in great numbers. The born and unborn again people constantly turn their desires to the Lord.

This means that people who have and do not have life ties with the living Lord constantly turn to Him. In general, the situation is like this: the worse or harder we live, the less desires we have.

In one question, I can quite accurately establish the mood of the believers. There are brothers like that, but mostly it concerns sisters. I do not want to humiliate the sisters, but this is an established fact.

If I see that the sisters are constantly buying new things for themselves, then I know that they are living extremely well. Feverish buying suggests that they have many desires filling their hearts.

When Jesus met the blind Bartimaeus, He asked him: “… what do you want from Me?” (Mark 10.51). Let’s be careful now! Not 50, not 10, not 2, but only one desire the blind Bartimaeus had. Why did he only have one wish?

Because his need, which overshadowed and far pushed everything else, was too great. To Jesus’ question, he replied: “ Teacher! so that I can see . ” This was the only desire in his heart, and Jesus fulfilled it.

Our Lord, who “ yesterday, today and forever ” is the same, keeps His Word in relation to us. This is precisely the theme of our original text. Therefore, in Matthew 7,7 the Word calls us: ” Ask, and it will be given to you .”

A very powerful saying. I couldn’t muster the courage to say that. When I say such a sentence, our Lord is behind it. And this message does not come from me, but from the Lord from the Gospel of Matthew 7,7.

Therefore, the holy name of our Lord is behind this statement. Jesus guarantees that it will be given to the one who asks. A short and complete sentence and discussions on this matter are unacceptable! This is the Word of our Lord.

It is very precious and delightful for the children of God that the faithful Lord speaks to us with such love. He does not leave us alone with our needs and problems, for in this promise He gives us a practical solution to our problems. Are you in trouble?

Perhaps you did not have them, but you created them yourself. It is possible. But I haven’t met anyone without problems. This promise gives us a promise of fulfillment even before we asked for it in prayer, because in Matthew 6: 8 it is written: “… your Father knows what you need, before you ask Him . 

Our Lord has a great desire to constantly help us. We will not be able to independently navigate the world, understand and find our place. We would fall everywhere. If a saved person cannot withstand his own efforts, then even more so, the unsaved one.

We all need the help of the Lord and are dependent on Him. Blessed is the one who understood that the Lord Jesus sincerely and cordially loves us and is waiting for us to come to Him with our requests.

In communion with the Lord, you could not have had such a case that He would kick you out the door and reject you, even if you completely discredited yourself before Him and appear to Him in an unacceptable state.

He will accept your requests, even if you have fallen as deeply as only an unsaved person or a child of God can fall. The more welcoming the invitation of our Lord sounds: Ask the Lord, who has all the power,

He is greater than all our needs and worries that we create for ourselves. Satan constantly helps and helps us to create problems, and if we do not offer them to the Lord in prayer, then Satan’s “help” is guaranteed to us.

The Almighty Lord, who created heaven and earth and everything that fills it, in His sincere love turns to us and calls: ” Ask . ” And what can we answer? We must ask, for He promised He would give if we ask.

All we have to do is kneel down and pray. It’s written in the Bible. “ For this I bow my knees before the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” says the Gentile Apostle Paul. And if he needed it, then we all the more.

So we bow down in prayer and offer our desires. And then? And then nothing happens. Or does something look different? Yes, nothing happens! Scripture says: Pray continually to know His will.

Having received this new knowledge, you use every free minute to bring a very important, secret desire to the Lord for weeks, months or more than a year now. And what did the Lord give you? Nothing! The Lord did not give anything at your request.

Imagine an ordinary believer. Thoughts constantly arise in his heart. These thoughts are very graceful and gentle. He is one hundred percent convinced that these are his thoughts. And I declare to you that these are, nevertheless, not his thoughts. The enemy only uses our thoughts, but by nature they are not ours.

The believer is disappointed in the Word of God, because what is written is not being fulfilled. It is not anger that sets in, but inner constraint, since the Lord does not answer. This is one of the types of manifestation of lack of spirituality.

Our inner “no” is opposed to the Divine “yes”. Only we do not tell anyone about this, so that others do not notice our lack of spirituality. Then difficult situations arise, since God did not answer and did not give, as promised in His Word.

Thoughts continue to evolve, the soul is wounded. In Pr 13.12 we read: “A hope that does not come true for a long time makes the heart sick, and a fulfilled desire – like a tree of life . 

What is Jesus’ desire? He wants, of course, to connect us with the tree of life, and not to make our heart sick. But the soul is so wounded that we cannot even accept the truth, because of our inner no.

Our soul is wounded because the Lord did not answer our request. And thoughts continue to develop: “The Lord answers others, but not me”. Dear brother and sister, have such thoughts occurred in your life? They are invented and represented by Satan and are extremely dangerous.

In such cases, the enemy acts intensely in a person. The enemy of human souls has the goal of discouraging you and turning this fact against the Lord Jesus, and therefore against His Word.

In his plan, the enemy seeks to destroy your faith first. If he succeeds in doing this, you will be shipwrecked in faith. Then the enemy will do what he wants to you. He will deceive you so cleverly that you will think that it is your will.

I emphasize that I am talking exclusively about the children of God. Satan attacks, first of all, your faith, because faith is the strongest fortress against him. The Word says that he comes even in the form of an angel of light.

And as an “angel of light” you allow him to whisper. Thus, he is conducting an intensified propaganda of whispering in your heart. He whispers into your thoughts: “You have been praying for so long, but the Lord did not answer, because you have no faith! Otherwise God would have answered you. “

Brothers and sisters, who have given a place in their hearts to this veiled lie, he lies defeated on the ground. And Satan puts these thoughts so cleverly that you are one hundred percent convinced that these are your thoughts and you will dispute it in front of other believers.

And yet, these are not your thoughts. Unfortunately, one of those about whom we spoke has gone into eternity, and we cannot question him. It was the apostle Peter. When Jesus spoke about the fact that he must die on Calvary, Peter declared: ” May this not be with you .”

He said this out of love for the Lord, but his thoughts were against God’s will to hinder Jesus’ work on Calvary. It is good that Jesus called at the same time the “name” of the one who was to leave Him, and Peter would leave if Jesus told him to.

Peter was sure that these thoughts were his thoughts, because he had good intentions, like Satan, he has “good intentions” for believers. And if you also sympathize with these thoughts and donate time, then the enemy will rapidly intensify his activity.

Your thoughts will develop to such an extent that a feeling of pain in your heart will appear. This is the principle of Satan. But until it comes to that, the children of God have already put their hands in the hands of Satan three times.

Thus, Satan builds his fortresses in people, one has only to give him an opportunity for this. Inner pain is simultaneously associated with thoughts of distrust or suspicion of God. And this is followed by a new lie. Perhaps you know her?

“Jesus does not love you; others yes, but you do not. Otherwise He would have answered your prayer, wouldn’t He? It’s written that way! He loves other believers, but He does not answer you. Tell Him about it, ”Satan whispers.

After this comes a new “blessing” of Satan: doubt . Events develop similar to the events in the Garden of Eden. Doubt wedges itself into the Word of God. Satan does this to crush your faith, which the Lord Jesus is building in you with endless love, care and patience.

The enemy makes you doubt the Lord’s promise: “ Ask, and it will be given to you, ” because you have not received an answer to your request. This is followed by a new lie. I say this from the experience of many years of spiritual pastoral ministry.

The new lie says: “ God has left you because he does not love you as others. This is perfectly clear, for He did not answer your prayer. ” For some, this lie develops even further. And the enemy of human souls ultimately gives such a thought that the best way out of this situation is suicide.

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, it is high time to become honest before the Lord, because dishonesty prevailed until now. I am telling you this clearly and unambiguously.

And everyone, without exception, must commit deep repentance in order to get rid of the power of lies. But this will only happen with absolute honesty and frankness. This I tell you today. And you don’t need to be a prophet for that.

If you kneel down in deep contrition before the Lord and fall on your face, but not for two or three minutes, but for two or three hours, you cry to the Lord, then you will feel God’s presence.

Do this to give glory to the Lord who loves you so truly. For it is not in vain that the Word of God testifies in James 4 : 3 : “You ask and you do not receive .” Why don’t you get it? “… because you ask the wrong thing .”

Now let’s be careful! James 4: 2-4 clearly explains why you “do not receive” an answer to your requests. But this explanation is just a small one and one of thousands of reasons that prevent getting answers to prayers. Article 2 gives three reasons: lust , envy, and enmity .

On this we will end for today, we will continue next time.

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