Restaurant for a wedding – what to look for

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What excites you when you go out to dinner at a restaurant? Menu and sometimes dress code. And when do you agree with the venue about the wedding? If you are only interested in food, problems cannot be avoided, so we have collected 25 points that are important to check with a restaurant for a wedding. At the end of the article, look for a memo with a list of questions that you can save to your phone and take with you to a meeting.

General issues

1. Is the required date available? An unspoken rule of preparation for the wedding is not to submit an application to the registry office until an agreement is signed with the restaurant. Choosing the right site and date is much more difficult than the registry office and the day of registration. In addition, worthy places for a holiday are often booked at least six months in advance, and the application is submitted three months before the wedding. If the desired date is busy, but you want to celebrate only here, find out the next free days.

2. Conditions of booking The place and date are reserved for you after payment, but most restaurants for weddings allow you to pay only a part of the amount at the conclusion of the contract, and pay the rest later. Insist on a contract, it should fix the date of the wedding, the terms of payment and all agreements.

3. When does the booking time start and end? This is important to know in order to tell the decorators and other staff what time they can arrive, as well as until what time the decoration will need to be collected.

4. Is your wedding the only one on this day? We recommend not agreeing to celebrate another wedding in another room. First, there is no guarantee that the restaurant will have enough chefs and waiters to service two events without interruption. Secondly, this situation greatly confuses the guests.

5. Onsite registration If you wanted to hold a ceremony in a restaurant, find out what places are reserved for this.

6. Contact person Name and phone numbers of contact persons at the time of preparation and on the wedding day.

Prices and payment

7. Discounts When choosing a restaurant for a wedding, find out about discounts. Many set prices lower on “unpopular” weekdays or during the colder months of the year.

8. Payment Schedule How much should you pay when booking? How much can I pay later and when exactly?

9. What is included in the price? The contract must contain a list of restaurant services included in the specified amount. Find out if you need to pay extra for something on the spot? Tipping the waiters is often not included in the total payment, but is welcome.

10. Changing the date Anything can happen, so check how long before the event you can change the date and whether there is a penalty.

11. Cancellation of the reservation Ask the same questions in case of cancellation of the event: when can you cancel the reservation and how much you have to pay for it (usually the restaurant just deducts the required amount from the prepayment and gives the rest)

Technical features of the restaurant for a wedding

12. Number of Guests Each restaurant has a comfortable number of guests that it can accommodate – be sure to find out this figure. If yours is smaller or larger for several people, no problem. But if the restaurant calls the number 50, and you want to invite 80, revise the guest list or look for another site.

13. Features of the outdoor area Find out what is provided in case of heat, rain or cold? Evaluate whether this is enough or will you have to take your own measures? Will it be possible to hold a banquet indoors if the conditions outside are bad (rain, frost, etc.)?

14. Restrictions If the restaurant is located near residential buildings, there is a chance that the music will have to be muted or turned off in the evening. In different cities of Russia the “hang-up time” is different (from 20.00 to 23.00), so ask your manager for it.

15. Outlets and network load

They will be needed for music equipment, a microphone, additional lighting and just to charge phones. Find out the maximum allowable network load, this question will be asked by contractors.

16. Availability of equipment It is important to understand what equipment is available and which one will have to be brought. Lighting, microphones, sound equipment – find out the technical capabilities of the restaurant for holding a wedding.

17. Air conditioners

Find out if there is enough air conditioning capacity for the entire area of the room. Do not trust the manager waving his hand in their direction, but check for yourself if they work.

18. Technical Rooms Find out how many toilets the restaurant has and where they are. In addition, the host, DJ and the rest of the contractors will need to pack their things and pack up somewhere, so ideally the venue should have a separate room for them.

19. Restrictions for decoration Usually it is a question of fire safety requirements, so it is often impossible to light candles or hang draperies in certain places.

20. Furniture on the Playground Tables, chairs and tablecloths are rarely considered when choosing a restaurant for a wedding, but this item can greatly reduce or increase costs. If the site has beautiful furniture, you will not need to rent and bring your own, and this is tens of thousands of rubles. We talk about this and other secrets of saving on decor in a separate article .

21. Parking Does the restaurant have its own parking? How many cars is it designed for? From what time to what time can you put a car on it?

22. Penalties Check what the restaurant is penalizing for and how much. Many people fine for damaged furniture and broken dishes, but everyone has their own conditions.

Food and drink

23. Minimum order Most sites have a minimum order amount per person or wedding in general, it will be indicated when choosing items from the menu. If you want to try several dishes, for example, some restaurants will make a tasting set, but many will simply suggest arriving early on someone else’s wedding day to bring you a few spoonfuls of salad or hot.

24. Alcohol Does the site allow its own alcohol? If so, is there a cork fee? Cork tax is a fee for each bottle brought or opened, if it is not purchased at a restaurant. When choosing a wine, take a look at our article on the best wines for a wedding , which has already helped several hundred brides.

25. Wedding Cake Every wedding restaurant should have a cake refrigerator, but you must make sure of this. Find out what the trolley and cutters look like, you may have to bring your own.