Return the robes of my late father’s judges – Ndoma-Egba pleads with the crowd invading his home

The Ndoma-Egba residence was among the properties affected by riots in Calabar, the capital of Cross River, last week.

Former Senate leader Victor Ndoma-Egba asked to return the clothes stolen from his father.

TheCable reports that Ndoma-Egba has approached the people who broke into his house to return the robes of his late father, who was a judge.

The Ndoma-Egba residence was among the properties affected by riots in Calabar, the capital of Cross River, last week.

Ben Ayade, the state governor, imposed a 24-hour curfew as part of containment measures, but the crowd went berserk.

In his statement, Ndoma-Egba described how he received information about the attack, but despite informing security officials, “nothing was done to stop the attack”.

“Around 2 am (local time, since I was abroad) on Saturday 24th. In October 2020, I received a message informing me of plans by organized thugs to attack my residence in Calabar, that of Senator Gershom Bassey and the hotel owned by Senator John Owan Enor, “he said.

“I immediately sent the texts to Senators Bassey and Hovhann Eno. I also called Calabar security to give them information. As far as I know, Calabar was already tense after raiding warehouses holding COVID 19 palliatives the day before and then breaking into stores and other businesses. The upcoming attack on Senators Bassey, Hovhann Eno and myself was already in the public domain, as I received many calls about this later that morning.

“Since then, I have continued to call the security forces every hour that, despite their assurances that they would keep my home safe, there was no evidence of the presence of security personnel in my vicinity. I understand times were really confusing for everyone.

“At about 2:00 pm, intruders broke into my house and searched it on the ground, leaving only a bare floor. All toilets, toilets, pumps and indeed every conceivable accessories have been removed, as well as furniture, clothing, a huge collection of books, documents and historical photographs, mostly rare and unpublished. They also removed all windows, railings, family photos, and evidence of burglary. My private chapel was not spared either.

“They set fire to cars and parts of the building after more than four hours in my house. It was methodical. The intruders apparently included electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, chisels, and other traders. Fortunately, nobody died. I started building a house in 1991 and moved in January 2009.

“Without prejudice and without prejudice to the work of the security organs, I have forgiven the intruders and I fervently pray that they will find meaning, inner peace and satisfaction in their lives. I only beg that they return my late father’s judicial robes, which would certainly not be needed at all, and certainly incriminate.

“The destruction of my home was clearly deliberate, unbridled and unjustified, but I understand the anger in the country, especially among our youth. However, if the looting and burning of my home improves their lives and brings positive changes to our land, then this is a sacrifice that my family and I are sacrificing. “

Ndoma-Egba said there is an urgent need to educate, motivate and involve young people if they want to be good for the country.

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