Reveal the identities of soldiers who killed #EndSARS protesters in Lekki – NBA informs military

Posted by on Oct 21, 2020, Under: News

Reveal the identities of soldiers who killed #EndSARS protesters in Lekki – NBA informs military

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) called on the Nigerian army to kill #EndSARS protesters. On Tuesday evening, soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in the Lekki area of ​​Lagos state.

NBA President Olumide Akpata blamed the incident in a personally signed statement by him on Tuesday, hours after the incident. A detachment of armed security personnel stormed the toll station in Lekki, where a series of peaceful protests were taking place, and fired live ammunition at the crowd of young people. this serious professional misconduct requires immediate prosecution and dismissal in accordance with applicable law, ”

– said Akpata. He added: “The NBA will immediately initiate legal proceedings in all relevant places – both locally and internationally – against the Nigerian military and other relevant authorities on behalf of the families of the victims for abuse of power and non-compliance with the rules of war. and violation of the fundamental rights (including the right to life) of affected citizens. ”

Akpata explained that given the degenerative nature of the crisis, an emergency meeting of the NBA’s National Executive Committee will be called within the next 48 hours. According to him, the meeting will consider the state of the nation and take other appropriate measures to resolve the situation decisively and prevent a return to Nigeria. The NBA president called the shooting an act of recklessness and illegality by the state security apparatus.

He pointed out that, according to the reports available to the lawyers, this was a deliberate and carefully calculated attack. Akpata argued that even if Lekki #EndSARS protesters violated the curfew imposed by the Lagos state government, such a crime did not guarantee that the military would use live ammunition to fight peaceful, unarmed and defenseless demonstrators. He said Tuesday’s events should never be considered or considered normal in any democracy in any country.

“The NBA believes that the current situation in the country requires dynamic leadership and, as important stakeholders in the Nigerian project, calls on the President of Nigeria and other authorities to demonstrate unusual leadership in saving the day, not on the ground. troops against defenseless citizens they have sworn to protect, ”said the NBA president.