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Review of excursions on the rooftops of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is rightfully considered the most romantic city in Russia. However, in addition to walking on a river tram along its rivers and canals and night excursions in the Northern capital with observation of the opening of bridges , tourists have access to the most unusual walks. Tours on the rooftops of St. Petersburg have become the hallmark of the city. From a bird’s eye view, Peter will look special and you can’t help but fall in love with him.

How is the walk on the St. Petersburg rooftops

Tour of the rooftops of St. Petersburg is an official safe walk for groups of 2 to 15 people. The route is absolutely legal and agreed with the Ministry of Emergencies. All observation platforms are equipped with fences and special paths.

Tours are led by an experienced guide. Tourists will see the main sights of St. Petersburg from an unusual perspective, listen to an interesting story from a guide and, of course, be inspired by the amazing atmosphere of St. Petersburg rooftops.

For such walks, tourists need comfortable shoes and clothes. The roofs chosen for the tours are absolutely safe, so any flat-soled shoes are suitable for the excursion.

Both adults and children over 8 years old can go for walks on the rooftops of St. Petersburg.

Day walks

Tourists are waiting for two interesting routes along the rooftops of the city. First, they will make a small ascent and find themselves above the Fontanka River. Houses, bridges, embankments, streets and avenues will open from a new side, the stars of the Trinity Cathedral will shine with gold. From the second roof, tourists will see all the most famous sights of the Northern capital – the domes of St. Isaac’s and Kazan Cathedrals, the “igloo” of the Admiralty, the spire of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the multi-colored heads of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

Rooftop romantic dates

Agree, it’s hard to imagine a more memorable and exciting date than meeting the sunset overlooking the city. Today, tourists and residents of the city have access to night walks on the heights of St. Petersburg. The minimum group size is 2 people.

Together, the travelers will find themselves above the beautiful city and get a feeling of unlimited freedom. And an experienced guide will take them along a proven route and share interesting facts about every sight of St. Petersburg that came into view.

And for those who want to get to the most unusual skirts of St. Petersburg, we advise you to visit:

    • House of the Book (roof of Singer);
    • 5 panoramic roofs of the former bakery.

The city will open before you in all its glory, and its main attractions will seem even more beautiful. If you have not been on a guided tour of the rooftops, you have not seen St. Petersburg.

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