Rice Miller ceded 188 million assets to Adamawa as a thug mining depot

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Rice Miller ceded 188 million assets to Adamawa as a thug mining depot

A rice grower in Adamawa state screamed for help after criminals broke into his mill and took bags of white parboiled rice worth 188,465,000 NIS.

Alhaji Mohammed Shemad, chief executive of Shemad Concept Nigeria Ltd, told reporters on Monday morning that criminals broke into his rice mill located in Baku Kogi, a coastal village in the Yola North Local Government Area (LGA). and they removed all 10,615 bags of processed rice.

Our reporter recalls that perpetrators broke into government warehouses in the state capital of Yola on Sunday morning, October 25, and took away whatever they could find, prompting Governor Ahmadu Fintiri to impose a curfew that went into effect. valid from 15:00 on Sunday.

The thugs, however, violated curfews, broke into several government offices, and then headed towards private institutions, including Shemad Concept Ltd. on Sunday evening.

“We had a total of 10,615 bags of rice, 5,210 of which were boiled rice and the rest were white rice,” Alhaji Shamad said, explaining that his company sells white rice at 17,500 N per bag and parboiled rice at 18 000 N per bag. lot to wholesalers.

Shamad said an accident at his plant forced him to hire criminals to work at his rice warehouse located some distance in Mayanca, a community in Yola South LGA.

In the warehouse where the interview for this story was conducted, hooligans, more than a hundred, prowled around the warehouse gate, brandishing knives, sabers and sticks that served as weapons.

“As undisciplined as they are, I have to hire them to guard the warehouse because they are the only ones who can keep other criminals away,” Shemad said.

He explained that he had hired and hired thugs on Sunday night when he received a call while he was still working at his factory in Baku-Kogi, that the young people were going to forcefully open a rice warehouse.

The use of thugs as guards now sounds right in the Adamawa state, which is currently under siege by thugs who, until Monday morning, were still looting or dragging their booty home and blocking roads in some remote communities to see if they could find the hapless residents. which have valuables that can be stolen.

Contrary to what was assured by State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Sulaiman Nguroje that police and other security personnel would be on hand to maintain law and order, much of the Yola metropolis, which includes Himeta and Yola Town, was not police. from Monday morning until early evening when this story was archived.

Source: – The Nation