Rino Omokri explains why you shouldn’t save.

Rino Omokri explains why you shouldn’t save.

Former aide to the president and writer Rino Omokri on Twitter advised people not to save.

We will remind, yesterday Rino Omokri was dragged for comments to single mothers, but this did not prevent him from expressing his opinion.

Reno, in his new post, advised the public to refrain from saving money, although he also named two unique situations that should encourage a person to save money.

According to Omokri, money should be saved during an emergency and when there is a need to invest.

He tweeted:

“There are only two reasons why you should save: save to invest when what you have is too little to invest. Conservation for emergencies. Also, you shouldn’t be saving money. Inflation will reduce its value. Spend on the essentials and invest the rest “

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