Rino Omokri leaves his wife in America, welcomes a child with a lover from the UK

Rino Omokri leaves his wife in America, welcomes a child with a lover from the UK

Beverly Hills, May 16 (WILL) – When a famous writer said that it is much better for others to consider him just people with flaws, warts and everything else than to be considered a hypocrite when in fact deception is second nature to you – he, must have been referring to people like former aide to the president, Rino Omokri. Or how do you explain his godly life and life predictions when his personal life is completely opposite to what he preaches?

Reno, who currently spends most of his time in London rather than the United States where he is supposed to reside, recently welcomed his fourth child, named after his former boss, former President Goodluck Jonathan. Last week, he posted a photo of himself, his child, and a woman he named Hanoi to the newspaper to congratulate the child’s dedication.

Reno, who claims to be a pastor / preacher, posted the aforementioned publication on his social media page, thanking the newspaper for honoring him and his “wife” with the publication. In the message, he deliberately omitted the woman’s name, but called her his “wife.” Well, according to THEWILL’s checks, Reno was not being honest and was outright lying. His legal wife, whom he married in Nigeria through traditional and church marriage ceremonies before they moved to the United States, is Topa Omokri, nee Onuwaja, a teacher from Antioch, a small northern California town where they also live.

The THEWILL investigation revealed that the controversial former assistant left Topé two years ago for reasons better known to him. They lived in this city as husband and wife with their three children. Reno, who recently founded #harassbuharioutoflondon, was able to do so comfortably only because he fled to London where his new partner lives, despite his story that he flew to London from California for this reason.

He allegedly refused to support his family, one of which is a child with special needs. This is beyond absurdity for someone who claims to have built an orphanage in Edo State himself and is always willing to donate money to others in need.

Even the Bible, which he often refers to, describes a person who cannot provide for his family, worse than an unbeliever.

Control freak Renault allegedly subjected his ex-wife to emotional abuse for most of the 14 years they lived together.
A former aide to the president who never lacks opinions on virtually every topic on earth and everyone, including the recent announcement that he has no empathy for single mothers, except that they are victims of rape or domestic violence , must fully reveal the identity of the woman in the publication for the people to whom she projects her hypocrisy. Do you have two wives now? We know for sure that she has not divorced Top because our reliable sources say they are still legally married.

So we ask! Why did he leave his family at all?

Source: – Nigerian Testament.

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