Riot police evacuate TVC employees after a mafia attack (photo)

Riot police evacuate TVC employees after a mafia attack (photo)

After the attack on the Continental TV channel (TVC), an OMON officer rescued the channel’s employees.

Recall that on Wednesday, an angry mob set fire to the headquarters of Television Continental (TVC) in Ikosi Lagos.

The liberated youths suffered from arson attacks, disrupting public and private property across the state in response to security forces killing peaceful demonstrators in Lecca Tall Square.

At the time of this writing, several police stations across the state have been set on fire, as are the Rapid Bus Terminal (BRT) terminals, the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) headquarters at Marina, Igboser Magistrates Court, Lekki Shopping Center and many other major buildings were attacked.

Bandits who could not get into the building gathered near the TVC, set fire to the cars and moved forward when the cops arrived at the scene.

The police reportedly dispersed the crowd, held back hell, and then evacuated the occupants of the premises to keep them safe.

Criminals plundered from Lekki’s commercial banks were also collected and money stolen, as the cultists capitalized on the impasse to loot and kill people in Ikoroda.

Confirming the chaos, police spokesman Olumuywa Adejobi said: “They are attacking and robbing banks and people’s property. Even taking the cars.

“They are thugs and will be treated accordingly. Everyone is a target. Police stations and media houses were not spared. Minimal force will be used to suppress them. “

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