Rock Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Bauchi, Niger protesting insecurity

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Rock Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Bauchi, Niger protesting insecurity

In Kaduna, protesters, who marched from Waff Road to the Kaduna National Assembly compound, called for an “immediate end to banditry, terrorism and kidnapping in northern Nigeria.”

They carried signs and banners with various slogans such as: “Stop killing in the North”, “Send special forces to eliminate insecurity”, “End Boko Haram now”, “End banditry now”, “The North is bleeding” and “Stop rape now”. “

The demonstrators were received by the head of the Assembly, Honorable Shehu Yunus.

Speaking to Chief Vip, protest coordinator Mr. Saad Bako said that the KKE was forced to protest against the endless insecurity in the north.

The group lamented the recent violent attacks against innocent people in Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, Borno, Adamawa and other communities in the north, as well as other unrest in the north.

“This, unfortunately, ultimately put the current federal administration of President Muhammad Bukhari and part of the political, cultural and spiritual leadership of the North on the wrong side of public opinion and history.

“The growing wave of banditry, kidnapping, cattle theft and bloodshed in the North has become a serious test for everyone except the authorities, who have remained out of touch with reality,” Bako said.

The group asked: “Immediate and comprehensive improvement in security throughout northern Nigeria.

“Federal and state administrations must address serious gaps in their perception of the current dire situation and in their responses to people’s demands for their security rights.

“A complete overhaul of the leadership of the national security services, a review of the entire national security architecture and national security committees in order to increase the level of competence, integrity and accountability in how they solve security problems. in the nation and especially in the North.

“Adoption of the law on mandatory revision of wages and general benefits for all security personnel.”

In a press statement signed by CNG spokesman Abdul-Aziz Suleiman, the group said the protest, which will spread to the country’s northwestern region, is intended to show concern about deteriorating national security and other pressing issues.

Protesters visited government home and police headquarters in two states to convey their messages to the government.

They also supported the creation of the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team, stating that it can better deal with various forms of security threats such as assassinations, banditry, kidnapping, rape and Boko Haram terrorist attacks in the region, if any. … fully equipped and trained.

In Niger state, protesters denounced the state’s poor road infrastructure, which they describe as death traps.

“This protest is not against any movement, it is not against any government, we are only here to show our complaints that we Nigerians do not enjoy what we should enjoy,” they said. …

They called on the federal government to repair all roads and solve the problem of the poor power supply for the entire northern state.

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