Russian coronavirus vaccine turns out to be a veterinary drug hazardous to health

Posted by on Oct 18, 2020, Under: News

This was announced on his Facebook page by the head of a Russian biopharmaceutical company, a researcher at the Institute of Biochemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Kudryavtsev.

“For a long time they did not publish their composition, but now they have published and I am disappointed. Honestly, I was hoping that this is a modern vaccine, on recombinant proteins, not dangerous vaccines based on adenoviruses, or even more attenuated, in short, “live” vaccines …

But! This is, this is not even the last generation, these are veterinary vaccines! There are such vaccines, peptide, against foot and mouth disease, which inject cattle, milligram quantities of antigen. Well, like if he dies, it’s not scary, the main thing is not to spread the infection. Well, no one in their right mind and good memory would think of stabbing THIS to people.

It turns out it’s come. And this occurred to one of the leading scientific institutions in Russia. I am disappointed. Fair. There are no competitors. For comparison, the usual influenza vaccine contains only 45 μg of antigen (15 μg each), and even that is not tolerated by everyone. Therefore, they make such as “Grippol Plus”, where each antigen is 5 mcg, only 15 mcg. Priority of “Safety” over “Efficiency”! “- wrote the scientist.

“Perhaps even as many as 250, they do not exactly write the composition, 75 + -15 mcg of each antigen, and even up to 700 mcg of aluminum hydroxide, the most dangerous adjuvant, which is being rejected all over the world … And they took it and faked it. I’m not even talking about the effectiveness, peptide vaccines are small linear antigens that do not preserve the three-dimensional organization of the natural viral region of the protein, which needs to be developed neutralizing antibodies, therefore numerous attempts to produce such vaccines in livestock farming have not been successful …

And yes, they have not yet indicated what kind of protein this “carrier” is. Clearly understandable, if it is faster, there is no time to explain. But this innuendo is very annoying, especially due to the fact that the composition was not just disclosed for a reason. ” – explained Kudryavtsev.

“So, if you hurry, you will make people laugh … or you will kill …”, summed up Alexander Kudryavtsev.

Recall that last summer, the United States refused to use Putin’s coronavirus vaccine even on monkeys. As you can see from the message of the Russian scientist, the Americans were right.

There is not the slightest chance of using the so-called. Russian vaccine on monkeys, not to mention humans. This was stated by officials from the US Department of Health, reports CNN.

The Americans noted that the Russian vaccine is considered in Washington so incomplete that it “did not even arouse interest.”

Last month, international virologists and medical professionals thoroughly studied the principle of operation of Putin’s vaccine registered in Russia, as well as its Chinese counterpart (CanSino Biologics).

The result stunned them. Putin’s vaccine will destroy human immunity and increase vulnerability to HIV. Substances based on the genome of the Ad5 helper virus could make the vaccinated person more vulnerable to AIDS, which in turn could lead to an outbreak of HIV.