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Rosgoscirk is preparing 12 premieres for the new season

“The circus this production is 24/7, – says trainer Andrey Dementyev-Kornilov, – There is a certain set of tricks that elephants and other animals perform, and it cannot be changed every day. Our mission is to maintain the natural muscle memory of the animal. This is the only way we can show the performances in the future.

For a circus performer, good physical shape is important, which is achieved through frequent rehearsals. The performers train in the circus almost every day, except Monday and Tuesday, and that is why they manage to achieve a high level of professionalism. Now performances with the audience do not take place, but this does not negate the need for artists to be in good physical shape with their animals. During the pandemic, the artists could not be in the arena, because circuses were not included in the list of essential objects.

We were forced to study at home for about a month, – says the trainer, – and therefore, of course, there were difficulties in getting out of self-isolation. And I also practiced on the staircase for about a month: I jumped on a rope, lifted a kettlebell to be in the slightest degree, but in shape.

The head of the state company “Rosgoscirk” Vladimir Shemyakin said that during a long period of restrictions on mass events, Rosgoscirk suffered significant financial losses: “We feed the animals, pay wages in full. The losses are very large, because the revenue side is zero. If we speak in absolute numbers, then we can name 10 million rubles. a day for the whole company. “

But even in such a long period without introductions, the employees of the Russian State Circus continue to work. During this time, there was an opportunity to implement new creative ideas. “We will present four new teams with four new programs, four new programs of existing teams and four updated programs, – said the deputy general director of the state company Elizaveta Hamburg. – There has never been anything like this in the history of the Russian State Circus, for such a powerful creative team to come in and simultaneously carry out such a serious creative reboot“.

In total, the company is preparing 12 premieres for the upcoming season. One of them – “The Girl and the Elephant” – has already successfully passed in the Sochi circus. The artists also prepare such performances as “The Little Prince”, which combines all circus traditions and the literary history of the book of the same name, and the play “The Little Mermaid”, the idea of ​​which is to use all four elements in which circus artists can work.

Yulia Tikhonova