Sam Adeyemi: Endsars protesters not responsible for property destruction

Posted by on Oct 27, 2020, Under: News

Sam Adeyemi: Endsars protesters not responsible for property destruction

1. Dear young citizen. It’s time for everyone to think. The huge destruction of property in Lagos and other cities is so sad. Some want to blame you, but you don’t need to buy this fiction. They know those who have committed the violence. #ENDSARS

2. Those who looted and destroyed property are also not part of you. They are products of a system that does not value its young people and leaves them little hope. This is one of the reasons you have raised your voice against injustice and want a new Nigeria.

3. What you did in less than a week was a phenomenon. Let me tell you how I see it. In a short time, you have attracted a huge following in all industries because your cause is noble. No one in their right mind should criticize your demand for fairness.

4. Leadership experts have long believed that the best way to motivate people to move forward is to give them a vision of an ideal future. But that didn’t always work. People prefer the status quo to change.

5. Recently, they have come to realize that it is sometimes best to tell people a story of pain: their life experiences. You understand well. You created momentum and motivated people to take action by focusing on police brutality.

6. You have overcome what divided our country and hindered its development, including ethnic and religious affiliation, and created a united front. You have practically shared love instead of our culture of prejudice. This was a turning point.

7. The power gap between leader and follower is high in most developing countries. This gap is small in most developed countries. You have crushed this gap. You have run an efficient system on a flat structure. Your leadership model drives development.

8. Your flat leadership structure meant that no one dominated the other. As a leader, you took responsibility and served one another. You were responsible and transparent, announcing the ins and outs on a daily basis. This was not part of our leadership culture.

9. You have provided a “stomach infrastructure” to meet basic food and water needs. You provided medical care and ambulance services. Some even had their hair cut for free on the street. Your organization worked effectively.

10. You have quick wins. The Governor met you on the street (I praise him for that). SARS was disbanded and the government agreed to your 5 requests for 5 (congratulate the government on that).

11. Continue to call for an end to plunder and destruction. Take a deep breath. You have created a new mini-Nigeria. How to move things forward and grow? Please stay strong online, be sure to check your story and continue discussions. #ENDSARS