Sanwo Olu endorses free health care for 50,000 orphans, the elderly and the vulnerable

Sanwo Olu endorses free health care for 50,000 orphans, the elderly and the vulnerable

Lagos Governor Babajide Sanvo Olu has approved equity funding from the Lagos State Health Program (LSHS) to provide free health care to 50,000 orphans, seniors and vulnerable people in the state.

The Governor’s wife, Dr. Ibijoke Sanvo-Olu, who announced this Thursday at the Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA) Universal Health Insurance Day (UHC) 2020 celebration, said the change was new. in favor of the state government’s commitment to expand access to health care, especially for the less privileged.

Speaking at a program held at Lagos House, Alausa, Ikeja, the first lady, represented by former permanent secretary of the state, Dr. Bola Balogun, said the decision had become imperative given the fact that the government recognizes that not all of them can afford the award LSHS.

“It is gratifying to note that Mr. Governor appreciates the fact that not everyone can afford this award and has approved equity funds to provide free medical care through the Lagos State Health Program for 50,000 orphans, seniors and vulnerable people.” – said Sanwo-Olu.

He said that UHC Day is celebrated annually as a meeting place for the growing global movement for health for all, and that it is celebrated in Lagos State in line with the state government’s agenda to ensure access to quality health care for all residents, regardless of age and social status.

On the theme of this year’s celebration, “Health for All: Protecting All,” the First Lady said it was appropriate and timely as the world was still struggling with the dire realities of the new coronavirus pandemic. and the need to ensure that targeted policies are in place to protect the health of all.

In addition, Sanwo-Olu said he was also pleased to note that in line with the global movement against sexual and gender-based violence, the state government is also offering a Sexual Violence Relief Fund to provide immediate relief to survivors. to sexual abuse. violence.

He said that with higher morbidity among the less privileged, physical injuries are further compounded by the difficulty of paying for health care and, in line with the recommendations of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), some health services will be returned as part of treatment attacks.

Explaining the conditions, Sanwo-Olu said, “LSHS covers some of the services that are required by victims of sexual assault and so members can benefit from them. However, some of the requested services are not covered by the scheme. For services not covered by LSHS, the fund will cover additional medical needs that are not covered.

“For survivors not affected by LSHS, the fund will provide payment for immediate primary health care in the event of physical injury, including medical consultations, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, HIV testing. and post-exposure prophylaxis. The survivor will also be enrolled in LSHS (as a family or individual plan) to provide additional support for possible consequences such as pregnancy within 12 months. ”

For his part, Health Commissioner Professor Akin Abayomi said that given the need to expand access, the government is finalizing a pooled funding initiative supported by all LASHMA partners and that it will be launched. early next year.

He said that virtual clinics will also be set up as separate units, and telemedicine units will be created in Lagos Health Scheme primary care centers in collaboration with interested startups and NGOs.

“We would also like to register and register a target number of 1,000,000 households, which corresponds to approximately 3,000,000 residents of Lagos over an 18 month period at LSHS.

“We also plan to supply 500 Ilera Eko centers through strategic private suppliers by December 2021 and another 500 centers by December 2022,” he said.

In addition, LASHMA President Dr Ade Alakia said that Covid-19 has highlighted the need for universal health coverage, saying the pandemic has clearly demonstrated that a threat to one will ultimately prove to be a threat to all. and that “it would be extremely unwise to continue to think of quality health care as a bargaining chip; on the contrary, quality health care should now be available to everyone. “

Olubukonla Nwonah
Deputy Director of Public Relations
Office of the First Lady of Lagos State
December 10, 2020

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