Sanwo-Olu explains to the judicial commission of inquiry

Sanwo-Olu explains to the judicial commission of inquiry

In order to clarify the general public and in connection with the opening of the judicial commission to investigate and recover damages in connection with SARS violations, which will take place tomorrow, I would like to clarify the terms of reference of the jury.

The TK is essentially the following …

* Hear and collect evidence from all victims or families of victims of SARS abuse in Lagos State (sort of like what the Truth and Reconciliation Committee did in some countries). This would allow all victims and their families to publicly voice their grievances.

* The panel of judges, after hearing the victims or their families, will then determine whether the victims or dependents of those victims are entitled to compensation and the amount of compensation due.

* After determining the amount of compensation, the Judicial Board immediately writes a check in favor of the victim or his family.

* The panel of judges should also identify the officials (or anyone else) responsible for the abuse of any victim and recommend prosecution of such individuals.

* The college will also have the power to advise the government on how to ensure that the police and all security forces never again violate citizens’ rights.

* The group has the right to compel and call witnesses to appear before them. The State expects the College to use this authority to ensure that all necessary parties appear at the College to testify.

We fully support the demands for police reform. A more controlled and managed police force will undoubtedly benefit the government and all residents of the state.

Our position is zero tolerance for police brutality. The creation of the judiciary is a very important step towards police reform. We encourage all residents of Lagos to cooperate with us on this journey.

We appreciate and recognize the efforts of young people to make this necessary change inevitable.

Together we will #EndPoliceBrutality and reform the #ForAGuesdayLagos police.

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