Sanwo-Olu reveals the names of police officers who shot at #EndSARS protesters in Surulera

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Sanwo-Olu reveals the names of police officers who shot at #EndSARS protesters in Surulera

The police who attacked and shot peaceful #EndSARs protesters in the Surulere area of ​​Lagos state were appointed by Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanvo Olu.

It was learned that the police who fired live ammunition at the peaceful demonstrators had arrived from Area C of the police headquarters in Surulera, Lagos. In addition to police brutality and harassment during the protest, one person was killed by a stray bullet. Later, the deceased was identified as 55-year-old Ikechukwu Iloamauzor. The governor noted that four officers were detained in connection with the incident.

He identified the police as two inspectors and two sergeants. Sanwo Olu said his government seriously condemns police misconduct and will continue to respect the rights of citizens to demonstrate peacefully. He condemned the violence that marred the #EndSARS protest in Surulera on Monday.

The state government said in a statement that Sanwo-Olu revealed that “all four mistaken police officers who opened fire with live ammunition on peaceful protesters at police headquarters in Area C in Surulere were identified and are currently facing an orderly training process. which is controlled by the government. ”

He gave the names of officers by mistake, including Inspector Bagu Michael, Inspector Ekpudom Etop, Sergeant Nnamdi Majur, and Sergeant Akiniemi Benson.

The Governor said: “In addition to mentioning that Lagos State takes the issue of police misconduct very seriously earlier this week, we all remember the incident in Area C in Surulera. “All four officers have been identified and are going through an orderly process.

I am Inspector Bagu Michael, Inspector Ekpudom Etop, Sergeant Nnamdi Madura and Sergeant Akinyemi Benson. “We also set up a commission to investigate all police brutality and deaths, and we set up a $ 200 million compensation fund. Once again, I apologize to any demonstrator who has suffered brutality on any of the days of the protest. “The Lagos police have been given clear instructions to cooperate with the protesters, and in situations where arrests are imminent, there must be full transparency and rights.” If anyone is still in custody, please let me know. Today’s crime is under investigation, and we will find out who is behind it.

Instead, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, said a police inspector, Erin Ayodeji, assigned to Surulere’s anti-kidnapping unit, and another man had been killed.

Adejobi said two other inspectors were seriously injured in the attack on their unit. Adejobi said the man died from a stray bullet fired by protesters as well as an internet service provider. Ekei Joshua and mastermind Peter Agabi were treated at Lagos State University Clinical Hospital, Ikeja.