SARS and police brutality: Seun Okinbaloy writes on how to solve the problem with Nigeria

On closer inspection, police brutality is the culmination of unrest, but the anger and rage are deeper and suppressed for years to come. The oppression that our fathers endured, and now the children say: “Enough, enough!”

In the context of the current scenario, “SARS” has become a metaphor.

SARS in our modern society represents all the inefficiency, corruption, structural imbalances, defects and all the deception of the political class.

If this current rage does not inspire a rethinking of the Nigerian system, then another hectic 60-year round of awful fun may await us. This nation needs a RESET NOW !!

This is a good time to negotiate a settlement for this great nation.

How long do we keep singing; Does Nigeria have great potential? Let these potentials start working forever

If we, as a people, want to tell ourselves the bitter truth, we urgently need to correct them;

* Dramatic reduction in management costs
* There should be no more than 10 federal ministers.
* Remove noble attraction in government offices
* Reduce the powers of the center and decentralize intelligently
* Fix our imperfect constitution
* Restore civil service
* Create regional competition in the field of economics / development
* Allow states to research their own resources / donations
* Appeal to a unicameral legislature
* No state should have more than 6 commissioners and 5 assistant governors.
* Either this is the work of the local council, or we forget about the basics of governance
* Very harsh and harsh punishment for stealing public funds

The political leadership that decides this nation will be a hero, and the people who push for change will be happy for future generations. Then we can begin to manifest our identity as truly great people!

“Seun Okin

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