Saturday – part two

Hi to you, dear listeners and readers of our sermons. We continue to consider the topic ” Saturday “. Today is the second part. Let us now turn to the book of Genesis 2: 2-3: “On the seventh day God finished His works that He did, and He rested on the seventh day from all His works that He did. And God blessed the seventh day , and sanctified it, for on that day he rested (rested) from all His works, which God did and created . ”

The ” rest of God ” mentioned in this text after six days of creation is mentioned in the law through rest on the seventh day of the Sabbath and is confirmed by Israel. But since Israel did not observe the Sabbath in the law in accordance with God’s will, in accordance with the instruction, in accordance with the law, as the Lord Jesus wanted it, then the above announcement is again fulfilled as a “sign” in relation to the 1000-year peaceful Kingdom, on seventh thousand years.

But since the “ rest ” will also be violated in the seventh thousand years according to the book of Rev.20: 7-9: “ When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations that are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, and collect them for battle; their number is like the sand of the sea . 8 And they went out into the breadth of the earth, and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. And fire came down from heaven from God and devoured them, ”

that final fulfillment in relation to the ” Covenant of Salt “, in relation to “rest” goes into eternity. Ultimately, the Israelites will come to rest when they enter the new earth for eternity. The establishment of their actions and deeds in accordance with Exodus 35: 1-3 goes through a large assembly, to obedience to the law:

“ And Moses gathered the whole congregation (congregation) of the children of Israel and said to them: This is what the Lord commanded to do: 2 do the works for six days, and the seventh day must be holy with you, the Sabbath of rest to the Lord : everyone who works in it is devoted there will be death; Do not kindle a fire in all your dwellings on the Sabbath day . ”

The Israelites must act in the image of God that God worked His works for six days in order to come to rest on the seventh day. The work done by God is related to sin, to the fall of angels into sin. God informs or announces through Sheva the victory of the seven, the coming peace. In this way, God sets at the same time views of the future, in six days the prophetic coming into His “rest.”

Since with God one day is equal to 1000 years, then we (the Jews) must work for 6000 years in order to come to rest on this earth in the seventh thousand, in this 1000-year-old peaceful Kingdom. Thus, the people of Israel begin, after Moses’ second return from the mountain, the construction of the tabernacle of meeting. And this is not an accident, there is something more hidden in it. Therefore, after the second descent of Moses from the mountain, at this time the Sabbath is in the first place in its fulfillment.

Starting from this event, God began to act, and God made the Sabbath through His power and Word a commandment. The Lord Jesus demands of us that these events, which the Bible connects, we hold together, but not tear them apart. But many of the promises and promises and blessings of God were constantly opposed by the sin of Israel.

God could only fulfill His work with Israel with a delay because of his unbelief and disobedience . We see this terrible sin of Israel in a murmur. Dear brothers and sisters, if we know what it means to murmur, then we will cover the lock, lightning a little.

In the eyes of God, this is a sin, not in the eyes of people, then we will become under the education of the spirit and cry to the Lord Jesus: Lord, put peace and silence on my lips. Lord, speak You, I will listen. This terrible sin of the Israelite people was murmuring in all their ways.

And murmuring is closely related to unbelief. Yes, even not keeping the Sabbath is a murmur against the law, and thus against God. But God’s love for His earthly people did not allow itself to be poisoned. We read about this in 1 Corinthians 13: 5: Love ” does not rage , does not seek its own, does not get irritated, does not think evil .”

Therefore, God constantly continues to work on His people, since His love for His people did not allow itself to be poisoned, did not think evil. Although the Lord Jesus was forced, as an educational measure, to allow judgment on His people, it is characteristic that at the beginning of Israel’s history, upon its withdrawal from Egypt, God, in response to his murmur, gives the people bread!

This was God’s answer to the murmur of the people! Just think: they murmur, and God gives them heavenly bread! Therefore, God calls their murmurings unkind, but His love does not allow Himself to be poisoned or grieved. In accordance with Exodus 16: 3, the Israelites complain, murmur, and in v. 4 the Lord gives them bread from heaven:

3 “ And the children of Israel said to them: Oh, that we would die by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the cauldrons of meat, when we ate bread to our fill! for you have brought us out into this wilderness to starve this whole assembly to death .

And the Lord said to Moses: behold, I will rain bread for you from heaven, and let the people go out and gather daily, as needed for a day, so that I may test him, whether he will walk according to my law or not . ”

This is our God !! I put these messages of the Bible before your eyes so that you know who our God is. And then God gives in response to the sin of the people the meat of quails in v. 13 ” In the evening, quails flew in and covered the camp …”.


At the same time, God gave the people so many quails that they could not eat them. Yet how God blessed them! But in accordance with the command of God, before the ark of testimony, they placed a vessel with manna, as we read in the book of Exodus 16: 33-34: “ And Moses said to Aaron: Take one vessel, and put in it a full omer of manna, and set it before the Lord, for storage in your childbirth. 34 And Aaron set him before the ark of the testimony to keep, as the Lord commanded Moses . ”

However, after the multifaceted and multiple guidance of God, and His multiple admonitions, Israel faced a great responsibility, which God did not require from them when they were taken out of Egypt, because then they were not yet able to stand in such responsibility.

And when Israel finally, after many instructions and admonitions, stood before his God in full responsibility, but nevertheless continued to grumble in his sin, for example in Num. 16:41, God answered to calm the murmur of the children of Israel , Num. 17,5 “ and lay them (the rods of every tribe) in the tabernacle of the meeting, before the ark of the testimony, where I appear to you; and whom I choose, that rod will blossom; and in this way I will calm the murmuring of the children of Israel, with which they murmur against you . ”

God took this measure, this miracle, because He no longer wanted to see His people murmuring. He wishes to calm their murmuring. What does God do to calm murmuring? The Lord Jesus wants to speak through the blossoming rod. This is a solution to stop the Israelites’ murmuring. To prevent the children of Israel from dying.

I read from the book of Numbers 17,10: ” And the Lord said to Moses: put again the rod of Aaron before the ark of the testimony to be kept, as a sign for the disobedient, so that their murmuring against Me will cease, and they will not die .” Israel brought eternal damnation upon themselves through their murmuring. So that we all know what a murmur is! Moses had to put the rod of Aarons before the ark of the revelation for preservation, a ” sign ” of the later fulfillment, and put an end to the murmuring of the Israelites.

But how should this be understood? How can the rod that they set, or put before the ark of the covenant, put an end to the murmuring? This is now our question. Aaron’s rod symbolizes ” resurrection “! He is the proof of the ” resurrection .” This rod was a dried-up piece of wood. Such a dried piece of wood had to be provided from each knee.

Such a wand, such a dried up piece of wood, a totally dry wand. He could have been lying in the tabernacle of the congregation for two years, then he is really fit for this event of God. And if he stood there for ten years, it was even better. Such completely dried rods were supposed to bring all 12 tribes.

These 12 rods were taken under lock and key and the next night the rod of Aaron (Aaron – priesthood – high priest) blossomed, sprouted branches and leaves, and also gave ripe fruit. This is a sign of a dead reed that God has revived again – raised from the dead! By the example of this revived rod, the Israelites should have known that if they murmured, they would not be partakers in the future resurrection.

Through this event, God practically imposes punishment on the Israelites within themselves. They themselves must practice discipline to stop this murmuring. Aaron’s rod was placed before the ” ark of the testimony .” It blossomed and even bore fruit. This piece of wood that did not have a single drop of moisture in it.

And God demanded from all 12 tribes to bring such a dry stick. Each of you can try to do this. Take a new pencil. You can leave the graphite core in the pencil, or you can pull it out. You will see that nothing changes overnight with a pencil. Each of you can experiment with this.

Why not? Because at that time God did it for Israel. Here we see that we have to be careful with the things of the signs, and that God in no way allows us to try to repeat the actions that are written in the Bible. So do not try or try to imitate what God did for Israel.

At this point we come with you to a specific proposal, which, one might say, is a training proposal. It will be better if each of you writes down this sentence for yourself.

God responds to Israel’s initial murmur with the gift of the bread of life – manna and the gift of quail meat. To the completed and responsible murmur of Israel, God responds with the rod of ” resurrection ” and judgment, just as the meat of quails became a judgment for them according to the book of Num. 11: 33: “The meat was still in their teeth and had not yet been eaten, when the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people, and the Lord struck the people with a very great plague . ”

They again ate this meat in a murmur, however, this time God struck Israel with judgment, because the Israelites were already in charge! Dear brothers and sisters, responsibility before God is interconnected with the knowledge of God, and with the knowledge of His ways! Whoever of the believers does not consider this, and rejects this responsibility, he will experience the corresponding consequences.

Not from people, but from God. Meanwhile, in time, there was no healing for Israel from the sin of murmuring. For now, we will end with this regarding the murmur. It is simply amazing how in the things and events discussed above we find indications of the coming Christ! With regard to manna from heaven, we read and clearly see in the New Testament in John 6:23

” Meanwhile, other boats came from Tiberias close to the place where they ate bread with the blessing of the Lord .” John 6:35: “ Jesus said to them: I am the bread of life; He who comes to Me will not thirst, and he who believes in Me will never thirst . ”

In the meat of quails, we see the Word from John 6.55: ” For my flesh is truly food, and my blood is truly drink .” In the meat of quails, we see the flesh of Christ, or His Word. Then Scripture shows us the almond rod, a type of the resurrection of Jesus our Lord, to calm the murmuring, as we read about it in the book of Numbers 17,5:

“ And whom I choose, that rod will blossom; and in this way I will calm the murmuring of the children of Israel, with which they murmur against you . ”

The murmurings in the congregations, both then and today, are regarded by God as rebellion, as rebellion against Himself. In the efforts and efforts of the Lord Jesus to remove this sin of murmuring, we receive a further important instruction in the book of Exodus 15:24: “ And the people murmured against Moses , saying: What should we drink? “.

May none of you think that the Jews are a special, murmuring people. Why didn’t God call them “ murmurs ” instead of “ Jews ”? No it is not! This murmuring is our condition, which God ultimately shows us in the Jews.

Some of the previous verses give us the opportunity to know that the people were in the desert for three days without water. God wanted to teach the people something. And if God allows this or that in our life, then God wants to teach us something, no matter how long it lasts. In my life as well as in yours, He wants to teach us a lot.

What did God want to teach the Israelites? God wanted them with their problems, be it their great thirst for their families, their livestock, but that they come to the Lord Jesus with these problems and cry to Him! But they didn’t, which is a very sad fact.

We can, of course, go to the doctor if we have broken our leg or something else is seriously ill. But it is terrible if the Lord Jesus sees how His people go to charlatans, to European sorcerers. But for Israel, resentment against God consisted of a murmur. This was their next step. They knew this by heart, because they had it in their flesh on the basis of fellowship with Satan in the Garden of Eden.

And finally, they came to the big water, as the Scripture says. But, unfortunately, they could not drink this water, for it was bitter and undrinkable. In all this need of Israel, we again see Moses in the role of mediator: he cries out to God! You might think that Moses was the only one who knew God’s formula for praying to God.

In answer to Moses’ prayer, God answers him in v. 25: “ Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree, and he threw it into the water, and the water became sweet. There God gave the people a charter and a law, and there he tested it . ” God prevented the death of Israel in the wilderness through the intercession and intercession of Moses before God, who in this situation is a type of Jesus Christ. Here we find at the same time the prototype of Golgotha.

Moses cried out to Jehovah because of the imminent death of the Israelites, the fulfillment that we find in the epistle of Hebrews 5: 7: “ He, in the days of His flesh, with a strong cry and with tears, brought prayers and supplications to the One who was able to save Him from death; and was heard for His reverence . ” On this we will finish today, we will continue next time.

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