Schengen is not required

Posted by on Oct 16, 2020, Under: Daily Tips

Together with Evgeny Malygin, head of the Masters of Hospitality competition, the Russia – Country of Opportunities platform compiled a selection of destinations where you can relax without crowds of tourists.

Murmansk and Teriberka – no wi-fi

The first tourism in the northern region of Russia, in the Murmansk region, was appreciated by travelers from China. Southern neighbors come here to admire the northern lights, if they are lucky, to see polar bears and appreciate the snow safari.

The tourist flow here is still small, and this has its own charm. But after Andrei Zvyagintsev’s film “Leviathan” more and more researchers go to the village of Teriberka to relax on the shores of the Barents Sea without access to wi-fi, try freshly caught seafood and fall in love with a new type of winter entertainment – snowkiting.

Novgorod region – cultural holidays

Those who prefer cultural and educational to lazy rest should visit the Novgorod region. There is no polar night or ocean, but Novgorod the Great is interesting precisely for its history.

The city surprises with the scale of the preserved monuments of historical heritage – this is 25 hectares of the territory of the ancient Kremlin together with the park, as well as the Yaroslav’s courtyard, where Yaroslav the Wise lived and ruled. It is an unforgettable experience to visit the place where the ancient veche gathered for several centuries.

So far, the region is not very popular, but thanks to the correct positioning and ideas of the participants in the Masters of Hospitality competition for the development of local tourism, it is only a matter of time.

North Caucasus – only mountains can be better than mountains

Everyone knows about Caucasian hospitality and cordiality, mineral waters, beaches of the Black Sea. But there is another area that is just becoming popular – ski resorts.

Arkhyz, Dombay, Elbrus, Veduchi are some of the most promising resorts in Russia. The pistes here are suitable for both beginners and professionals, and the views are amazing.

The climate is a huge plus of the North Caucasus resorts. Mild winter, hospitable hosts – what else does a skier need?

Yamal – for Siberian Cranes

The heart of the Russian Arctic is Yamal. A competitor to the Murmansk region, Yamal is attractive to tourists for its gastronomic and ethnographic features.

Wildlife lovers will also find it interesting here. So, in the Kunovatsky park you can observe a living “fossil” – Siberian cranes, of which there are only a few dozen in the world.

Primorye – the ocean at your side

In the last couple of years, Primorsky Krai has been full of tourists from Asia. Japanese, Koreans, Chinese are so frequent guests here that it seems that there are already more of them than the Primorye themselves.

And this is not surprising, Vladivostok is the closest European city to these countries, moreover, favored by Asian cinema. Primorye is our own ocean, business center, and just an authentic place to relax.

Buryatia is not only Baikal

We are used to the fact that Buryatia is Baikal. But over the past couple of years, this republic has been opening up new directions. Pilgrimage, ecological and ethnographic tourism, alpine skiing and gastronomic tours – all this is about Buryatia.

Buddhist culture, Sayan Mountains, mineral springs – this is not a complete list of the riches of the sunniest republic in Russia.

There are more places for unusual, interesting rest in Russia every season. Thanks to the creative and bold ideas of the participants in the Masters of Hospitality competition, there will be even more reasons for traveling around the country.