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WATCH THE BANNED VIDEO BELOW! MASS DIE OFF! – Military SUES Over Vaccine Mandate! – Government ADMITS To Mass Casualties From Jab!

The English government shared shocking data stating almost 200K people died shortly after the vaccination process.

Statistics they had access to while mandating she shot showed terrible conclusions.

Meanwhile, over 500 military staff sued the government for mandating the shot that the FDA didn’t pass. Also, children are dying, and people still try to look the other way,

They distract themselves from making themselves feel better about this insanity!

We have to raise our voices and protect our children.

Watch the video below:


  1. There are Herbs that will help reduce the side effects. Turmeric, Pine Needle and Fennel Tea, Chapparel, and Garlic are a few. And since they put Cobra Venom in the vaccines, chewing Nicotine Gum keeps the lungs from being affected.
    The Venom attacks the Nicotine Receptors in the lungs and causing trouble breathing.

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