See how #EndSARS protesters honored # 1 traffic cop Calabar for his hard work

See how #EndSARS protesters honored # 1 traffic cop Calabar for his hard work

Igri Nna Nkanu, a Nigerian smuggler, was recognized and recognized for his hard work and dedication to his duty in Calabar.

#EndSARS protesters in Calabar praised the police officer for his hard work and dedication.

When protesters arrived at his post on Friday, they rallied around him, lifted him to shoulder height and cheered him on to get the job done. The video shows some of the protesters splashing money at him as he grinned from ear to ear.

Commenting on the celebration popular with reporter Ivar Ivar, he said that Mr. Nkanu was named the Calabar number. 1 traffic cop, received financial rewards from many public figures and companies in 2016.


In 2016, I started a smart personal campaign to award IGRI NKANU, no doubt the No. 1 of Calabar for his hard work and dedication, ”he wrote.

“This campaign has earned him a significant amount of money, donated by several Nigerians at home and abroad. I also nominated him for the GTBank Traffic Cop of the Year, sent him a short video about the job, and he was so close to winning it. The bank, convinced that this should be appreciated and encouraged, called him in December of that year and spilled money and gifts on him … he was scared and cried on the phone when he called to tell me “,

“Unlike most of his colleagues, who are in different parts of our cities and villages, which makes life unbearably difficult for motorists, passengers and everyone who“ sees with the naked eye, ”the latter exclusively does his job. GAI “,

“When he was hit by the #endsars protest in Calabar, he was surrounded, raised and celebrated for his GOOD work. The actions of these protesters are a powerful message to his colleagues and more than a lesson to all of us.

“Dare to be different!”

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