Senate is not allowed to summon the president and governors (2018)

Senate is not allowed to summon the president and governors (2018)

Senior Advocate for Nigeria (SAN) Mr. Femi Falana accused the Senate of ordering the president to appear before him, stating that he had no authority to summon him, nor did the state governors.

He announced this when he appeared as a guest in the Sunrise TV show breakfast on Thursday.

Referring to sections of the Constitution, he explained that “the president or governor of a state cannot be called by the National Assembly (NAC).

“The constitution does not give NASS the authority to summon everyone,” he said.

“This gave the President the right to address the National Assembly, jointly or separately, on any issue of national importance.”

The senior prosecutor also said, “This time the Senate did not understand it. In accordance with article 67 of the Constitution, the National Assembly or one of the chambers can summon the minister when the affairs of his ministries are being examined.

“The only other time a public official can be summoned to the National Assembly is when the process of condemning corruption is under way (Article 88) and when a law is being discussed to amend it or pass a new law. completely. “

Going further, Falana said that legislators can, however, establish in the constitution those areas that are deemed weak, rather than going beyond it, as such actions could ridicule the institution.

“What can be done, the revision of the constitution continues, the identified gaps can be closed, but do not go beyond your capabilities. When you do that, you make fun of the institution, and that’s what happens. “

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