Senate provided an invalid email address

Senate provided an invalid email address

The 1999 Constitutional Review Commission, chaired by Senate Vice President Ovi Omo-Agege, has provided the public with an email address where they can conduct their investigations. However, there is only one problem: the email address is not valid.

The email and one of the phone numbers that went down were in a general circular on Tuesday evening inviting the public to a public hearing on “Proposed Amendment to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” starting Wednesday March 26 May.

Sada Malumfashi, a journalist and digital security expert who discovered this, tweeted: “The email mentioned in this circular is not a non-existent email address for such a sensitive issue and document. This is a revised version of the Nigerian constitution, but the email address provided for the investigation is invalid. “

The GMail address ( is not an official email from the Nigerian Senate and has caused Nigerians to question the seriousness of the legislators. The FIJ also checked the Nigerian Senate website, but could not find it.

The zonal public hearings will be held in two centers in each of the six geopolitical zones from 10:00 to 17:00 and will deal with issues related to gender equality and the expansion of the participation of women and vulnerable groups in governance, the transfer of power, the autonomy of local self-government, institutions. state police and electoral reforms, among others.

Malumfashi went on to explain the implications of the Nigerian Senate’s use of a Gmail account: “Google is an American organization and its cybers are based in the United States, which means they are legally required to provide data to the US government when needed, and basically this means that all conversations on the constitution of Nigeria through this channel may be tracked or used by Google in accordance with the terms of opening a Gmail account. It is also very unprofessional if you look at it when the government, in particular the Federal Ministry of Communications, is advocating a digital revolution in the use of accounts. “

FIJ contacted the committee’s chancellor, Dr. Innocent Mebiri, for comment, but calls to his phone went unanswered and he did not respond to a message sent to his number in the prospectus.

Public hearings will be held in the centers of Jos, Minna, Bauchi, Gombe, Kaduna, Sokoto, Owerri, Enugu, Asaba, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Akure. The hearing will close on Thursday, May 27.

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