Senator Remi Tinubu urges Nigerians to focus on building a better nation

Senator Remi Tinubu urges Nigerians to focus on building a better nation

Senator representing Lagos Central, Ms. Oluremi Tunubu, urged Nigerians to stay focused on the idea of ​​a better Nigeria.

Welcoming his Nigerian counterparts in a New Year message entitled “Looking Ahead with Purpose,” the head of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said:

“Happy New Year 2021! We all did it – Thank God.

“2020 was nothing short of eventful. 2020, filled with shocking events and the outbreak of a global pandemic, humiliated everyone.

“Many of the goals set for the year have become unattainable due to the current circumstances. However, we should be grateful that everyone is still here. However, it’s time to get up and look ahead with a purpose.

“As we embark on another 365-day journey, it’s time to rethink our goals with our new norm in mind. We must adapt to the uniqueness of the new year with a positive attitude and determination to thrive amid everything that happens in the world.

Our determination to work better and to work towards achieving our dream Nigeria must also be stronger than ever. We need to recognize that life itself is a process and commit to reform our institutions and create the Nigeria of our dreams.

“We must also leave behind the divisions and resentments that have held us back for many years, refusing to be distracted by the enemies of our democracy. We must remain focused on the idea of ​​a better Nigeria.

“The new year is full of opportunities and we must be prepared to make the most of it.

“As we celebrate New Years, keep in mind that in anticipation of widespread availability of the vaccine, we must continue to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols set by health authorities.

“I wish you all peace, joy and a prosperous 2021”.

Source: – The Nation

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