Senator’s aides summon SUV thugs to attack protesters #EndSARS – former DSS director

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Senator’s aides summon SUV thugs to attack protesters #EndSARS – former DSS director

Dennis Amahri, a former deputy director of the Department of Public Services, spoke about a video that appeared on the Internet in which men in suits transport armed thugs in a black SUV to attack protesters.

Amachree told Channel Television’s Sunrise Daily that the people in the suits were not DSS officials, but actually assistants to the senator.

He said that just as the DSS was able to identify and arrest copycats, the Nigerian military should do the same, rather than claim that those who opened fire on protesters outside the Lecchi toll booth could be copycats.

Former DSS officials said, “I don’t want to follow the military style when they say people can buy uniforms, put them on and go out. If you wear a dark suit and tie and drive a black SUV, a lot of people will say it’s DSS, but I really asked about it.

“I called the office to inquire. These people worked for a particular senator. And if so, I think they should (arrest). If anyone tries to impersonate security personnel, they should be arrested immediately.

“Don’t let that happen, and then go ahead and then investigate, or expert groups, or whatever. I know many people who pretend to be CCC, bring letters to different places, get arrested, and they are immediately treated. The people you are talking about were not SGB officers. “

On Tuesday, armed criminals, transported in black government SUVs with hidden license plates, were seen attacking #EndSARS protesters in the Wusse 2 area of ​​Abuja on Tuesday.

The video, which went viral on social media, shows some of the criminals jumping into a black Prado, driven by a man in a suit, at Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent Wuse 2.

The car backs up towards Hospital Avenue, and then the doors swing open as thugs with stones and sticks go crazy.

Another car, a black Range Rover, soon joins the thugs as four thug buses park on the side of the road while other thugs get off the buses.

There were unconfirmed reports that the perpetrators were coordinated by a Department of Public Services official associated with a senior government official.

However, DSS denied the allegations in a statement from its spokesman Petr Afunai, adding that the agency had failed to identify any of the people in the videos.

The statement, titled “DSS does not facilitate attacks on #EndSARS protesters,” in particular says: “Part of the lie that is being exposed to the public is that some of your VIP-related officials helped criminals in this regard …

“In light of the false accusations, it has not yet been established that any DSS member was involved in the alleged actions. The question arises that SUVs, suits and ties and sighted people in a conflict environment belong to DSS.

“The point is, no DSS personnel will be involved in activities like those imposed by these rumor-mongers and hate-speechrs.”

#EndSARs protesters accused the government of sponsoring thugs to compromise the demonstrations.

On Monday, a photo of a police van carrying about 10 armed criminals went viral on social media to stop the protests.