Serious police anger over illegal duty to kill a welder on disputed land

Serious police anger over illegal duty to kill a welder on disputed land

Bukola Erinfolami, a 25-year-old woman, has not yet overcome her grief after the brutal murder of her 27-year-old husband, Weil, allegedly by police officers hired by the landowning family to resolve the dispute, Sun News reported.

Mother of three girls; The six-year-old and two-year-old twins struggled to hold back tears as she recounted how her husband was shot in his prime by bullets from moving police.

With a heavy heart and tearful eyes, Bukola said that on the day of her husband’s murder, he greeted her, hugged her children in turn and said that he had gone to work.

She said, “I never had the slightest idea of ​​the bad omen looming over my husband as he left the house full of life. He promised to buy the children something on the way back. In the late afternoon, he called me to tell me that he might be back a little later because he had more work to do; He was a foreman, a welder. A few hours later, they rushed to call me and said that my husband had been shot and that he was dead. I ran to the scene almost naked with my three children to make sure the news was true, but I couldn’t see his body. I ran to the crash site to see if it was hidden somewhere in the bushes. But all I could see was two pools of blood without a husband.

“When I insisted on what might have happened to his remains if he really died, two of his friends who came to tell me the news told me that my husband had been taken to the morgue in Ikoroda by the Odongunyan police. I ran to the police station to ask what happened to my husband. The police won’t take care of me; rather, they treated me with contempt. They told me in passing that the case had been referred to the Panti State Criminal Investigation Office, Lagos. When I asked to see my husband’s body at Ikoroda General Hospital, I was told in no uncertain terms that I could not see him and that only the police could give such permission. I went back to the Ikorodu police station to get permission, but they insisted that I could not see him. At that moment, I was embarrassed and angry even more, because I could not understand any reason why the police did not allow me to see her body. I am in mourning and in mourning, and I believe I deserve to know what really happened to my husband. “

Bukola complained that her late husband did not quarrel with anyone or belong to any cult group to justify his brutal murder in broad daylight.

“They made me a widow at noon,” he shouted. “They robbed me of the fruits of my marriage and robbed my children of their father, even when they were little.

“He told me he would work to look after me and my three children, and I believed him. He was a responsible father and husband. A week before the accident, he promised to give me some money to increase my calling card business because he was expecting some money. All this vanished into thin air with his untimely death. Where should I go now? “

Bukola asked the police to allow her to see her husband’s remains, although she called on the new Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Babu, and the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanvo-Olu, to help bring her husband’s killers to justice. …

But what could have caused the death of a young man? According to Bukola, eyewitnesses at the scene told her that he may have been the victim of an invasion of land by some mobile police from the Ibadan-based MOPOL 4 unit. Police were reported to have invaded the area that day and suffered sporadic gunfire. , apparently, at the suggestion of one of the warring parties on a large plot of land where the deceased worked.

The Nigerian Police Homicide Investigation Unit, CID Panti Lagos, confirmed the murder of Adewale Erinfolami. He also confirmed that Inspector Idris Sikiru from Mopol 4, Ibadan, was arrested among other suspects and is under investigation. He also said that the case has been referred to some higher authorities in the Criminal Investigation Directorate (FCID), Abuja.

At FCID in Abuja, police investigator Idris Oyacheko confirmed that the case is indeed ongoing there. He said that several arrests were made in this regard and more invitations were sent to suspicious persons. He said the Police Commissioner in charge of the killings in FCID, Area 10, Garki, Abuja could be contacted for more information.

It has also been reliably established that the Police Service Commission (PSC) office in Abuja has shown an interest in the matter. According to information gathered by a commission led by Musliu Smith, the agency was concerned that police officers were turning into voluntary weapons in the hands of land invaders, shooting and killing people without resorting to basic police rules of warfare.

“We have a petition about this. It is dated March 19, 2021, ”said a senior police officer in the office of the President of the PSC. He advised that the commission may wish to use this particular issue as a means of announcing to all of its staff that it will no longer be the same.

“High Command will not fold its arms and watch as unprincipled officers constantly tarnish their image,” he said.

Investigations have shown that FCID may be spying on an ongoing land scam between the two parties in Ikoroda as a clue to the murder of Adewale Erinfolami.

Several years ago, then-Nigerian External Telecommunications, acting with the permission of the then Governor General of the country, acquired 150.56 acres of land along the Ikorodu-Itamaga road, in the Ikorodu region of defunct Western Nigeria, for public purposes and development in particular. telecommunications.

The land was reportedly bought by three families: the Loti Sanmolu royal family, the Aro-Efolu / Otuseko / Aisebyarameka family and the Regun Chiefsi family.

At the time of acquisition, royalties were duly paid to each family in accordance with their ownership statement without grievance. However, when NITEL moved to Abuja, the federal government returned the land to the owners’ family, and the music began to change.

The trouble began when one of the families, the Regun family, demanded full ownership of the land.

One of the applicants and a senior member of the Loti Sanmolu family, Otunba Gbenga Kuti Erikitola, said that despite documentary evidence and the intervention of Ayangburen from Ikorodu, Oba Kabiru Adewal Shotobi, each family should confine themselves to their own land. The Regun family began selling land in 2016. He added that the case went to court in 2018 with an injunction against further land sales, but regrets that the Regun family did not heed the law. …

When he was approached about the many accusations against his family, including the deployment of a mobile police force that started shooting at the site and acted as a provocateur on the land issue, Regan’s family secretary, Mr. Sharafa Dada Keolu, also known as Sharon, has denied any information about the charges.

He said that all the land belongs to his family and that they have a court decision confirming this claim.

“I can’t say anything else. You know the case is in court and the police are still investigating the murder, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Bukola, her young children and Whale’s relatives continue to suffer, still not seeing the remains of the murdered welder. They want justice for the innocent man who was killed by the police at the age of 27.

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