Shehu Sani reacts to the arrest of F.G. Sowore

Shehu Sani reacts to the arrest of F.G. Sowore

The government of President Muhammadu Bukhari was openly convicted of the arrest of activist Omoyele Souore on Friday.

The indictment was brought against Shehu Sani, the former central senator of Kaduna.

Soure was arrested along with other activists during a protest against the Nigerian government early Friday morning.

A protest action was organized in Abuja.

Police attacked and arrested protesters during a peaceful New Year procession in Abuja, according to the Sahara Reporter.

In response, Sani tweeted Friday through his Twitter account, calling Sowore’s arrest unnecessary for the country’s image.

@YeleSowore Case; it does not contribute to the image of the nation and its constitutional democracy when the state apparatus treats peaceful demonstrators in the most cruel and uncivilized way.

“The New Year’s door opens with a hammer instead of a key,” Sani wrote.

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