Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi issues a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from joining the HTS Security Service

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Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, on whose works a whole generation of Mujahideen grew up and who is considered one of the main modern ideologues of Jihad, sharply criticized the military jamaat Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Syria, issuing a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from serving in the ranks of the Security Service HTSH.

He called this service unjust and tyrannical. At the same time, as follows from the context of the fatwa, Sheikh al-Maqdisi separates the HTS Security Service from the Jamaat itself and this fatwa does not apply to the Jamaat as a whole.

In turn, the command of the HTS made a denial of the Fawta and criticized Sheikh al-Maqdisi. In its response, HTS accused the Sheikh of extremism and Kharijism, deviating from the Sunnah and stating that he could not correctly assess the situation, since not found in the fonts of Jihad.

Recall that at one time IS, led by Abubakr Baghdadi, who was declared Kharijite by many scholars and Mujahideen, also accused Sheikh al-Maqdisi of deviating from the Sunnah and ignorance of the situation on the Jihad fronts, as he criticized IS, accusing him in tyranny against Muslims and in violation of Sharia principles.


Fatwa of Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Hukm joining the security service of the HTS and hukm helping her in the oppression of Muslims

Cited Imam al-Bukhari in his “Saheeh” in the “Book of Fitn” in the “Chapter about who did not want to increase confusion and injustice” from Abu al-Aswad, who said:

“The inhabitants of Medina were ordered to send an army [чтобы сражаться с мусульманами Шама во времена, когда в Мекке правил Абдуллах ибн аз-Зубайр]and I signed up for it. Then I met Ikrima [выдающийся учёный-табиин, вольноотпущенника и ученик Ибн Аббаса], and told him, and he categorically forbade me to do this and said: Ibn Abbas told me that some Muslims were with mushriks, increasing their number, [во время битвы] against the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم, and one of them was hit by an arrow, killing him, and someone was hit with a sword and killed, and then Allah Almighty sent down:

To those whom the angels restrain themselves from doing injustice to themselves, they will say: “In what position were you?” They will say, “We were weak and oppressed on earth.” They will say: “Was the land of Allah not vast for you to settle on it.” Gehenna will be their abode. How bad is this arrival place!” [Женщины, 97]…

This army, which was required to be sent to the inhabitants of Medina, and which Ikrimah strictly forbade to adhere to, was going to fight against the Muslims during the war of the inhabitants of Sham with Abdullah ibn al-Zubair!

And the fact that Ikrima used as a Dalil ayah sent down about those who increased the number of Mushriks to strictly prohibit an increase in the number of people who commit injustice, or sow confusion, or help against Muslims, shows his deep understanding of religion. And here we are talking about a part of the Caliphate’s army, not about the security service of the HTS!

Since it was about an army that was intended to fight the Muslims, Ikrima categorically forbade him to join her!

And we prohibit those who ask us fatwa even more than Ikrima from joining the HTS security service, because we reliably know about the injustices and harassment of this service, moreover, about their cooperation with the Turkish special services in revealing secrets Muslims and giving them the details of the investigations.

And the Turkish special services have already presented dozens of people with these details, photographs and details of the investigations that the HTS security service received from these Muslims in their prisons!

In such a situation, it is unlawful for a Muslim to work in this vile service, which is the support, assistant and henchman of the secret services of a secular NATO member state.

We believe that the one who helps the Turkish special services against Muslims is committing one of the well-known actions that deduce from Islam: “Help and support of the mushriks against Muslims.”

Allah Almighty said: “The one of you who will take them [кафиров] his assistants and friends, he is truly one of them. Allah does not guide an unjust people on the straight path“(Meal, 51).

Therefore, to anyone who asks us about the hukma of joining this service that helps the Turkish army, we strictly prohibit it, as Ikrima did, and even stricter.

And Allah instructs on the straight path.

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi