Shiites accuse Bukhari government of “evil conspiracy”

President Bukhari’s administration has been accused by the Shiites of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) of harboring an evil conspiracy.

Shiite media manager Ibrahim Musa said on Wednesday in a statement that there is a plan to destroy IMN.

He noted that this was initiated during the “massacre in Zaria” by the Nigerian army in December 2015.

Musa said that the use of terrorist tactics has never been the way of the Shiites, even in the face of state provocations over the past five years.

A spokesman accused the government of sponsoring sinister leaflets through a faceless group claiming to be part of IMN and fighting to free jailed leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaki.

The group, he added, plans to use the annual Quds Day processions as a springboard for their nefarious actions.

Musa reiterated that in his more than forty years as IMN leader, Zakzaki never viewed terror as a means to the group’s goals and objectives.

He stressed that Zakzaki believes in using peaceful means and practices the same in all his religious activities.

“Global Quds Day rallies have never used violence to make the public understand the persecution and apartheid system practiced by the Zionist regime in Israel over Palestine.

“Let’s not forget that this is not the first time the government has attempted to use false flag operations in an attempt to falsely and unreasonably link the Movement to terrorism,” added Musa.

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