Shock when a woman blames an evangelical musician, Badejo of Ripa and In Lagos

Shock when a woman blames an evangelical musician, Badejo of Ripa and In Lagos

Biodun Badejo, an evangelist commonly known as Jovani, was accused of roping.

The musician was accused of rope by a friend.

The lady, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she was not in a relationship with him, although the singer expressed interest in dating her.

She said, “I’m not his girlfriend. I’m just his friend, although he sometimes talks about dating, but I haven’t given him an answer yet. He’s a real gospel musician, but he feels well-known abroad, not in Nigeria. “

A young woman in her 20s said she went with Badejo to buy a new phone and after that she remembered that she needed to use a laptop, which prompted her to visit his home in Fagbui Street, Ipaja, Lagos so that she could use yours.

He said, “I told him to come with me and get my cell phone around 5:00 pm on Tuesday, so we went there and finished around 6:00 pm. I needed to do something with his laptop, so I followed him to his house. Before that, he went to his mother’s house for a key. When we got to his house, we went into his house, then he pulled off his boxers and asked him why he was undressing. She said she wanted to take a bath, so I started fiddling with my phone while I was charging a new one.

“He came out of the bathroom with a towel and started touching me, but I told him no. Before I knew what was going on, he became aggressive. I begged him, I seriously cried, but he was a completely different person. He took the belt and began to threaten me. I ran to his bathroom, he pushed me against the wall and asked me to take off my clothes and take a bath.

“I said no, I even had to lie to him that I had an infection. I told him that I was HIV positive, but he did not listen to me, he was determined to spend the night here. I even sat on an extension cord and said that I was going to kill myself, but he didn’t listen. He still told me to go to bed. I fought with him; I even have bruises on my body. He had strength and I screamed, but the neighbors did not answer. I do not know why. “

She said that after Badejo got his way, he opened the door and she ran out.

She said she went to the Ipai Police Station to file a complaint, but had to leave because she did not like the questions asked by the police on duty.

“We went to the police station, but I didn’t like the way they answered me, so I just didn’t want to write something. They asked me funny questions like why didn’t I go to my family? They asked me what I was doing there, so I didn’t want to get into police matters, so I left. In a way, they blamed me. “

The victim said that all the police officers he met at the train station were women.

She continued, “This morning I went to get things from his house: phone, shoes and a wig. I left them there the night before when I ran away, and went back there this morning to pick him up. I even went to her mom’s house to beg her to tell her son to give me my things, so I think she had an idea of ​​what happened even though I didn’t tell her the whole story. I went to the place, waited at the gate, and he pulled them out. I took them and left. He complained that he had to take medication because I hit him in the face with the phone. “

The victim said she was at the Mirabelle Center, a referral center for sexual abuse, and consulted a counselor. He said he was getting better and had never had such an experience.

According to her, Badejo could have done something similar to someone else.

When SaharaReporters contacted the defendant, Badejo, he denied the charge, saying it was not a rape but a “lovers’ quarrel.”

He claimed that they had consensual sex and therefore did not understand why it was called rape.

Badejo said: “Actually, he said it was not like that, we talked a little, and it was clear that we had a lot of work. He called me on the phone to come up to me and said that we should go to my house. … We spent hours buying her phone. We went to Iyana Ipaje, she bought me some food and then came to my mother’s house. We made it clear that we were going to my house, so this is not an attack or something like that. a lot of evidence on my phone (shows) when we made it clear we were going to have sex.

“I didn’t rape her; he threw a phone to me, which hit me in the eye. My eye is still red and puffy. He scattered my house, it’s just a fight of lovers. I don’t know why he calls it rape. It was not rape or assault. I am honest with you; she is my child, I like her, I love her, but I don’t know what came into her head. “

The defendant’s mother also denied the rape charges, calling them false.

He said the victim was simply trying to blackmail his son.

He said: “We have evidence and I will contact my lawyer if he does not stop blackmailing my son.

“I’m ready for her, she is 419 (a fraud); we have all the proof here on whatsapp. You better warn her. My son just got interested in her. I even told her that I want to marry her for my son, but now I see that she is 419. I am not illiterate, I saw in her a responsible woman, but she proved the opposite. “

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