Shocked as the cultists leave, the Akwa Ibom police station burns to the ground.

Shocked as the cultists leave, the Akwa Ibom police station burns to the ground.

Some people believed to be sectarian attacked a police station in Akwa Ibom state.

Suspected sectarians burned down a police station in the Inen community in the Oruk Anam local government area in Akwa Ibom, The Nation reported.

The incident, Monday night, is the latest in the height of rival clashes, killings and terrorism allegedly committed by the fraternities of Iceland and DBAM in the past eight months.

The Nation reports that at least 60 people were killed as hundreds of residents fled their homes.

Police were reported to have fled from a post in Inen Ekeffe during a clash on Monday evening between two warring factions.

Witness Mfonobong Okori said: “They also barricaded the public road between Faith Tabernacle Church, Inen Ikot Etim and the gate of the construction company Al Madal, where they seized two motorcycles.

“Residents who wanted to visit their homes to get food and return to settlements in nearby villages were trapped in the bushes when thugs bullied and maimed everyone who passed along the street,” Okori said.

Okori added that a few hours later, the sectarians regrouped and moved to Inen Junction, where at about 7:00 pm they burned down the police station, singing songs about the war. “

Okori said the former councilor’s home had previously been destroyed by cultists.

Police spokesman Odiko McDonn confirmed the incident, saying that the burned-down building was a dilapidated structure rented as a street station.

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