Shogun Oduyemi: How To Make The EndSARS Movement Work

Shogun Oduyemi: How To Make The EndSARS Movement Work

I am from a very restless generation. A generation worried about the same system that should placate it.

It is deeply troubling for the recurring tradition of terrible government and failed political leadership in Nigeria, driven by self-interest and other paramount considerations that override those of young people. Beyond the immediate pleas for #EndSARS and #EndPolice, Violence by young people is a greater burden to END a system that suppresses the dreams of young people and negates any attempt to achieve ideal Nigeria.

But the idea that protests alone can lead to the achievement of this ideal Nigeria is illusory.

So, I offer my unsolicited advice (backed by historical lessons) on how we can make #EndSARS an effective tool to save our generation from this endless suffocating position.

First, successful campaigns need to be flexible and less predictable. For the #EndSARS campaign to become more proactive, more innovative tactics need to be implemented, along with lengthy marches, graffiti and raised signs to help the cause. The movement needs to (re) invent new maneuvers that can disable the system through bumps and interruptions.

Second, the campaign must demonstrate unity and resilience in the face of imminent repression and other hydra challenges. This can only be achieved with a solid organizational and leadership structure that fully absorbs and supports discipline. If stability is lost in movement, he is likely to be in danger of being paralyzed by inaction or broken by differences.

Third, the campaign requires a wider and more diverse reach that is sustainable over a long period. To be taken very seriously and to assume some legitimacy, he must enlist the support of all age groups, class distribution, ethnic and religious orientation in the country. Unfortunately, with the #EndSARS movement, there seems to be a very strong line of mistrust among young people in the south and north of the country.

Finally, a nonviolent campaign cannot be successful without giving up the support of those serving the status quo. This means that in order for the movement to work, it must be supported by stable supports that help support the old system. The campaign strategy should be designed in such a way that religious guardians, military, business tycoons, civil society, bureaucrats declare and act in accordance with the movement.

I conclude with an anonymous quote: “Victory is more dangerous than defeat.” Expressing our complaints and our aspirations is no longer enough. Even a vote for an ineffective government is no longer enough. Young people need to start getting hung up on the wisdom of strengthening democratic institutions and rebuilding trust in Nigeria, which is much more challenging for me. We saw in 2003 the devastating US and British invasion of Iraq. There must be a plan for what comes next.

It is on these Sacrosants that the #EndSARS movement must work in its reasoning, otherwise it will be just another series of useless exercises continuing in endless and disorienting cycles.

© ️ Shogun Oduyemi, Lagos Nigeria 2020

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