Six-year-old girl raped to death in Kaduna (photo)

Six-year-old girl raped to death in Kaduna (photo)

A six-year-old girl (name withheld) was raped to death in Kaduna by unknown people.

The girl our correspondent picked up disappeared around 4:30 pm Sunday in the Mararaban Jos area of ​​the state.

Later at 20:00 she was found dead in the bushes with injuries to her mouth and nose.

According to eyewitnesses, they saw two men in black suits illuminating the surroundings where she was found with tactile light.

But the founder of the Arridah Relief Foundation, Hajiya Rabi Salisu, who confirmed this, said the girl was buried on Monday at 6:00 pm according to Islamic rites.

Hajiya Rabi, who handled the case to ensure justice, said: “The doctor confirmed that the girl was raped through the anus and eventually bled to death.

“After the examination, it was found that the victim had undergone violent anal sex, which led to her death.

“Despite the fact that the girl’s parents said that they forgave their daughter for fear of stigmatization, my foundation has taken up this issue and is studying.

“We reported this to the police and they started an investigation.”

In September 2020, the Kaduna State Assembly passed legislation supporting the surgical castration and death of anyone who rapes a child under the age of 14.

A beautiful year old girl disappeared while playing with her friends in the corridors of their family home, they were playing from about 4:00 pm because this is the family house they used to play in the neighbors room, but around 6:30 pm her parents’ friends returned home … and she was missing.

The parent began to ask her where she is, but she is not where she can be found, she begins to visit neighbors and all efforts end in a mood.

Around 8:30 pm, when some of her relatives, 12 years old, were returning home after looking for her, they saw someone in the back of their house for something and quickly went to tell their parents when they arrived.

They saw the corpse of a little girl who was raped with her anus, the anus was wide open so that you can stick your hand inside, the situation is barbaric, families and neighbors went out to console their parents because the little girl was so popular and loved by many in the area thanks to the good characters.

The police arrived at the scene as the parents are trying to deny the police access to the body I am talking to my father and in the letter they are allowed to take the body, we are in the dikko bar until about 2:00 all treatment Investigation After the girl was buried near 18:15, hair was removed from the girl’s anus, allegedly belonging to the rapist. Thank you all, and we must work together to counter this threat from our communities. Rabbi Salisu Ibrahim ARRIDA NIGERIA ASSISTANCE FOUNDATION. Ku tayamu Addua Allah ya tona asirin Wanda yayi Miki fyade Kuma ya kasheki Amina.

Source: – Daily Trust

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