Soku Oilfield Controversy: Rivers State Defeats Bayelsa in Supreme Court

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Soku Oilfield Controversy: Rivers State Defeats Bayelsa in Supreme Court

The ruling on the disputed Soka oil field was issued by the Nigerian Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has filed a lawsuit against Rivers filed by the Bayelsa government for the disputed Soka oil field. The court stated that Bayelsa could abuse court procedures by asking her to adjudicate in a case that has not yet been ruled by the Court of Appeal.

Bayelsa went to the Supreme Court after the federal Supreme Court in Abuja ordered her to reimburse 13% of the withdrawal she received over the years from the disputed Soka field in the rivers.

Rivers Governor Kelvin Ebiri’s special media assistant said in a statement on Tuesday that when hearings resumed on the matter, Judge Ngwuta, who led a panel of seven judges, inquired why Bayelsa chose to sue. a claim to the Supreme Court bypassing the Court of Appeal.

Ngwuta noted that Bayelsa had challenged him, insisting that the Supreme Court could not rule on a federal Supreme Court judgment if the appeal court did not address the issue. He clarified that the Supreme Court does not have jurisdiction to issue orders on matters coming directly from the High Court, and requested that his complaints be referred to the Court of Appeal.

The Bayelsa state government, through its lawyer, Kemsaude Voda, filed a formal withdrawal motion and was overturned by the Supreme Court. Judge Inyang Ekwo of the Abuja Federal High Court, in ruling on a lawsuit filed by the Rivers State Attorney General against the National Border Commission, said the Soku oil fields belong to Rivers.

Ekwo noted the refusal and refusal of the National Border Commission to correct the mistake in the 11th edition of the Administrative Map of Nigeria from 2002, which incorrectly depicts the St. Batolomu River instead of the Santa Barbara River as the interstate border between rivers and rivers. Bayelsa States, was a violation of the Commission’s statutory responsibilities and flagrant disobedience to a Supreme Court ruling contained in its October 10, 2012 ruling.

The judge explained that the indicated erroneous eleventh edition of the administrative map of Nigeria continues to rely on other government agencies / authorities, in particular the Income Mobilization, Allocation and Taxation Commission (RMAFC) and the General Accounting Federation, in calculating Rivers’ income from the Federation Account. to the continued unfair denial of derivative funds from the Soku oil wells located in Rivers State, to the detriment of the state government. Ekvo ordered the service of a court ruling notice against the RMAFC and the Federation’s chief accountant.

The judge said the National Border Commission (NBC) was unable to unilaterally determine the boundaries between Rivers and Bayelsa following a Supreme Court ruling on the matter, and also dismissed an objection to NBC’s claim.