Soun Ogbomosho Rejects N90m Offer From N100M Governor Makinda On Ruined Building

Soun Ogbomosho Rejects N90m Offer From N100M Governor Makinda On Ruined Building

Soun Ogbomosho Rejects N90m Offer From N100M Governor Makinde Over Ruined Building

As far as the monarch is concerned, the injuries inflicted in the accident would have been healed by the coordinated efforts of the community of Ogbomoso’s sons and daughters, therefore without the need for money.

Soun Ogbomosho, Oba Oladunni Oevumi Ajagungbade III, who was offered £ 100 million by Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinda after his palace was desecrated, refused the N90M.

It was noted that thugs raided the monarch’s palace after the police killed one during the #EndSARS protest in the city.

In a letter dated October 19, 2020 to Governor Makinda, the monarch politely declined the gift.

Makinde has pledged to donate £ 100 million to renovate the destroyed building.

According to the monarch, the damage caused during the accident could have been healed through the coordinated community efforts of the sons and daughters of Ogbomoso.

Oba Oevumi also said that the N10m release issued by the governor would increase the contributions of his subjects.

Part of the letter read:

“Let me use this vehicle to express my gratitude to my people and myself for the kind gesture of Your Excellency when you pledged 100 million narws to repair and renovate the Palace due to the damage and cost of the attack. immediate amount of N10m “.

“However, following your visit and a truly representative gesture of the kind and peaceful people of Ogbomoso, the coordinated community of Ogbomoso sons and daughters also took responsibility for the renovation and refurbishment of their palace, as well as renovation and renovation work began. “
“As a result of this development and the assessment carried out, there is no need to pay the balance of € 90 million.

“I can reiterate my advice during your visit: to scrutinize the ways and possibilities for attracting our populous young people, who are mostly unemployed or part-time workers, to maintain their meaningful participation and not be inactive. I have no doubt that this will be done under your skillful leadership.

“Compared to the misled who violated the sacred holiness of Aafin Ogbomoso as the father of all, they are forgiven for their mistakes and wrongdoings, knowing that they have returned in their footsteps and corrected their ways for the future and will never again yes they are misleading “.

“Once again, I sincerely thank you for your support and interest in supporting the Traditional Institute of Oyo State and, by extension, Yorubaland.

“May God grant you wisdom and success in managing the affairs of Oyo.”

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