Soun says he did not turn down Seiya Makinda’s offer to renovate the palace

Soun Ogbomosolanda, Oba Jimo Oevumi Ajagungbade III, denied the content of the letter he allegedly authorized by rejecting the financial contribution of Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinda to the planned renovation of the monarch’s palace, desecrated by thugs during the #Termin SARS protest on 10 October.

Soun, who spoke with Governor Seiyi Makinda’s chief spokesman Taiwo Adisa, said he did not authorize the distribution of the aforementioned letter.

Adisa told reporters in the governor’s office, quoting the monarch: “If your boss sees such a letter, he should ignore it, because I did not ask anyone to write such a letter.”

“Soun said that he never authorized anyone to write a letter on his behalf, and that if one of these letters were to appear, some people had to forge his signature.”

“Soun said that he sincerely welcomes Governor Seiya Makinda’s intervention in the plan to renovate the building and all damaged facilities.”

The alleged letter stated that the monarch argued that the damage caused by the accident would be repaired by the coordinated efforts of the Ogbomoso community of sons and daughters.

The letter also added that 10 million manats issued by the governor will be added to the contributions of his subjects, while it is allegedly quoted that the monarch stated that there is no need to lay out the rest of the amount of 90 million manats.

Source: – Vanguard

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